Other types of time off

The following leaves of absence are provided to eligible employees in addition to paid sick leave, paid vacation, and PTO.

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Your supervisor administers and approves this leave.

Employees may be approved for leave with pay in cases of death of the following:

  • Spouse
  • Parent, parent-in-law, step-parent
  • Child, step-child
  • Grandchild
  • Brother, sister
  • Son-in-law, daughter-in-law
  • Brother-in-law, sister-in-law
  • Aunt, uncle
  • Niece/nephew
  • Grandparent, grandparent-in-law
  • Person regarded as member of employee's immediate family

Bereavement leave is subject to supervisory approval and may be granted for up to a maximum of 24 working hours per occurrence, not to exceed 48 hours in any calendar year.

The duration of bereavement leave is determined by the closeness of the relationship, involvement in funeral arrangements, travel time, and other factors.

For a more detailed description of the county’s bereavement leave, see Human Resources Rules & Law on HC Connect-intranet access required.

Organ or bone marrow donation

Benefit-earning employees who seek to undergo a medical procedure to donate an organ or partial organ to another person shall be granted paid leave, in an amount not to exceed forty (40) working hours per donation based on the employee's assigned work schedule.

Such leave shall be subject to the employee's submission of confirmation by a physician of the need for the leave and length of each absence requested and the employee, if eligible for Family Medical Leave (FMLA), will need to record the procedure as FMLA-qualifying.

Such leave shall not be charged against the employee's accrued sick leave, vacation or paid time off (PTO) hours. However, employees may choose to use sick leave, vacation and/or PTO may to supplement such leave.

If there is a subsequent medical determination that the employee does not qualify as an organ donor, any of the forty (40) hours of paid leave used by the employee prior to that medical determination shall not be eligible for recovery by the county.

Step one

Notify your supervisor and discuss the leave and approval process. Follow your department's policies and procedures.

Step two

For sheriff and library employees

For all other county employees

  • Complete the leave of absence request form (county access is required to view/complete this form. Speak to your supervisor if you do not have county access and s/he will complete the form on your behalf).

If you qualify for Family and medical leave (FMLA), you may be entitled to:

  • up to 12 weeks of FMLA job-protected leave per year
  • Maintenance of health care benefits
  • Job restoration when returning from FMLA leave

Step three

Have your physician complete the certification form provided by your supervisor.

Return the completed certification form to the Leave and Accommodation Management (LAM) Office within 15 days. A LAM coordinator will send a designation form, approving or denying the leave request.

Step four

If family and medical leave has been approved by the Leave and Accommodation Management Office, FMLA leave time should be coded on timesheets, in addition to sick leave, PTO or other paid leave codes. Your supervisor will complete your timesheet if you are not at work.

  • Time Reporting Code = Sick - SCK or Vacation - VAC or PTO (In some cases workers' comp or unpaid leave may be appropriate)
  • Task = FMLA

Step five

Notify your supervisor of your intent to return to work at least two days prior. Provide any necessary medical release, as indicated on your designation form, to the Leave and Accommodation Management Office (fax: 612-348-9638).

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't qualify for FMLA?

Will I be paid when I am not at work?

  • If eligible and approved, you will receive 40 hours paid leave. PTO or sick leave/vacation time can be used to supplement the leave.

What happens if I've used all my PTO or sick leave and vacation?

Will my benefits be impacted?

Where can I read more about FMLA?

Where can I get help?

Disaster volunteer

This leave of absence for county employees who are:

  • Certified Disaster Service Volunteers of the American Red Cross or Emergency Disaster Services Volunteers of The Salvation Army and
  • Requested to participate in specialized disaster relief services by the applicable organization

Leave may not exceed 15 working days in a calendar year. Supervisors administer this leave. Department directors approve this leave.

Employee pay while on leave

  • Leave is paid at 50% of the employee's regular rate of pay for the employee's regularly scheduled hours.
  • Employee may supplement the unpaid portion of the leave by using vacation / PTO hours, compensatory hours, and/or holiday hours.

Leave impact on employment and benefits

  • Employee merit review schedule is not impacted.
  • Seniority may be affected under some union contracts if unpaid leave is taken.
  • Employee payment of PERA contributions for unpaid leave can be made.
    NOTE: county contribution is paid once the employee contribution is made and is subject to PERA time limits (contact PERA directly)
  • Employee accrues all benefits associated with their regular county employment status (i.e., benefit-earning employees accrue vacation / PTO or sick leave, stability pay credits and health and life insurance).

Employee's responsibilities

1. Prior to the leave, provide your supervisor with a copy of:

  • Your disaster service volunteer certification from the American Red Cross or The Salvation Army
  • The request to participate from the certifying agency

2. Submit the disaster volunteer leave request form (DOC) to your supervisor. Your supervisor will notify you if approved or denied.

3. Notify your supervisor if you want to supplement the unpaid portion of the leave with vacation / PTO, compensatory time, and/or holiday hours.

Code your timesheet

Use the time reporting code called disaster volunteer leave – DISVL

Decide whether or not to supplement leave hours (vacation, PTO, comp time used or holiday) in order to receive a full paycheck. Disaster volunteer leave hours are paid at 50% of the employee’s regular pay.

If you elect not to supplement leave hours, only the DISVL time reporting code needs to be entered.

If you elect to supplement leave hours, a second row must be entered as follows:

  • Quantity — should be half as many hours as was entered for disaster volunteer leave
  • Time Reporting code — should be vacation, PTO, comp time used or holiday
  • Task — should be DVLS

Supervisor's responsibilities

  • Retain copy of employee's Red Cross / Salvation Army volunteer certification
  • Retain copy of each request to participate from the certifying agency
  • Retain the original signed request for disaster volunteer leave form
  • Contact department director about employee's status as a disaster volunteer and review any issues regarding approval of future leave requests
  • Recommend approval or denial of employee leave requests as appropriate
  • Ensure the employee's timesheet is coded correctly BEFORE approved in APEX

The disaster volunteer leave program was established under County Board Resolution 96-8-500.

School conference

Your supervisor administers and approves this leave. Discuss the leave and approval process with your supervisor.

  • Under MN Statute § 181.9412, employers must provide employees with at least 16 hours of unpaid leave per school year to attend school conferences or activities which cannot be scheduled during non-work hours.
  • Employee may request paid vacation in lieu of unpaid leave.
  • Employees must give reasonable notice of intent to use this leave, where possible.

Health and wellness activities and HR events

Attend on county time with supervisory approval*

  • HealthWorks sponsored flu shot / other screenings
  • HealthWorks / HR benefit fairs
  • HealthWorks sponsored blood drives
  • HealthWorks sponsored classes (up to one hour per month)
  • HealthWorks health coach appointments (up to one hour per month)
  • Open enrollment employee meetings
  • Pre-retirement planning seminars (sponsored by HR and scheduled via APEX)
  • Short, “stop in” time with Human Resources staff (e.g., pick up form or ask a quick question)
  • Scheduled appointments with Human Resources staff, including the Employee Career Center 
  • County-sponsored training sessions
  • Time off for testing (including time for job interviewing) to obtain other county employment
  • Diversity events (one hour per month)

Attend on employee’s own time

Including lunch, breaks, vacation; and sick leave, PTO, and/or balancing hours – with supervisory approval.

  • Be Well Clinic visits (equivalent to any other medical appointment)
  • Deferred compensation plan appointments
  • Exercise classes
  • Onsite massage
  • Hennepin 5k
  • Financial planning / financial protection classes
  • Appointments with PERA retirement counselors
  • PERA pre-retirement seminars (sponsored by and scheduled with PERA)
  • Weight Watchers’ sessions

* Human Resources/HealthWorks-sponsored programs scheduled during normal business hours should be on county time only if the activity is determined to serve a countywide purpose.

This policy is not meant to supersede or duplicate Human Resources Rules or applicable collective bargaining agreements; these documents ultimately govern in the event they conflict with the information provided herein.

Jury duty

Your supervisor administers and approves this leave of absence. Notify your supervisor. Follow your department's policies and procedures.


If you are called for jury duty, you are eligible to receive your regular compensation and benefits. Upon completion of jury duty, you are required to reimburse the county the fees you received for jury duty. See your payroll contact if you have questions.

Reporting codes on your timecard


  • Jury Duty - JURDT

One Office

Used by Public Works employees only.


WorkForce Director

Used by Sheriff’s Office employees only.

  • JRY (Jury Duty Leave with Pay)

Testifying in court

Your supervisor administers and approves this leave of absence. Notify your supervisor. Follow your department's policies and procedures.


If you are subpoenaed as a witness arising from performance of your official duties, you are eligible to receive:

  • Regular compensation and benefits less witness fees
  • Travel reimbursement paid by the court

NOTE: Employees subpoenaed as a witnesses/to testify in court for private litigation and matters not work related must be charged against other leave balances (e.g., vacation) or be without pay.

Reporting codes on your timecard


  • Court Appearance – CRTDT

One Office

Used by Public Works employees only.

  • CRTDT (LWP - Court)

WorkForce Director

Used by Sheriff’s Office employees only.

  • CRT (Work Related Court Appearance)


Your supervisor administers and approves this leave of absence.

If you are legally able to vote in a regularly scheduled election, you may be absent from work to vote on that election day without deduction from wages.

If possible

  • Vote before or after work
  • Give 48 hours’ notice


  • Absence is limited to the time necessary to go to the polling place, cast a ballot and return to work.
  • Some union employees' absences may not exceed 2 hours. See labor contracts for details.
  • Taking time off to vote and not casting a ballot shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Reporting codes on your timecard


  • Code as Regular Hours

One Office

Used by Public Works employees only.

  • Code as ELECT (LWP-Election)

WorkForce Director

Used by Sheriff’s Office employees only.

  • Code as ELC (Election Leave Pay)

Time off to vote is governed by M.S. 204C.04 and Human Resources Rules, Section 12.11c.

Election judge

Your supervisor administers and approves this leave of absence.

If you are selected to serve as an election judge, you may be absent from work without penalty.


You must give at least 20 days advance written notice to your supervisor, although the supervisor can waive this requirement. Include certification from the appointing authority stating the:

  • Hourly compensation you will be paid as an election judge
  • Hours you will serve

NOTE: Hennepin County may restrict the number of people to be absent from work for this purpose to no more than 20% of the workforce at any single worksite.


  • You will receive your regular pay and benefits.
  • Depending on how you code your timecard, election judge pay may need to be remitted to the Hennepin County Treasurer.
  • You may keep reimbursement for mileage and parking.
  • See your payroll contact if you have questions.

Reporting codes on your timecard

  • If you use PTO, vacation, or SLWOP to cover time off, you keep your election judge pay.
  • If you use the “Election Judge Pay" code, you must remit your election judge pay to the Hennepin County Treasurer for the hours you were gone.


  • Code as Election Judge Pay - EJDG

One Office

Used by Public Works employees only.

  • Code as ELECT – (LWP Election)

WorkForce Director

Used by Sheriff’s Office employees only.

  • Code as ELJ (Election Judge Pay)

Time off to serve as an election judge is governed by M.S 204B.195 , M.S. 204B.21, Subd. 2. and Human Resources Rules, Section 12.11c.

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