Leave scenario options for non-parental leave

Request personalized leave scenario any time.

This optional scenario will:

  • Show how your time off and leave programs work together
  • Give you a better understanding of selecting when and how you would like to use your leave benefit

The scenario will change based on your accruals and usage. The scenario is for employees who will be out for a block of time (i.e., scheduled surgery). If you are going to be out for maternity or paternity reasons, visit LeaveLogic to get started.

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General information
9 digits
Max 12 weeks or 480 hours of FMLA per calendar year. You may take leave under the county's medical leave policy, up to a max of 180 days, once your paid leave time is exhausted.
Paid leave balances

Provide the balances you would like us to use in your scenario. This can be either your current balance or your estimated balance at the start of your leave.

Using Special Leave Without Pay (SLWOP)

The use of SLWOP must be approved by your supervisor.
Max per payroll year is 160 hours.
These are hours you previously worked without pay, but banked to use at a later time.
Do not include those that occur during your leave as they have not been accrued.
Are you exhausting all paid leave?

Do not include those that occur during your leave as they have not been accrued.
  • Max 80 hours of paid leave can be preserved if filing a short-term disability claim
  • Can't keep sick leave
  • Union contract may require all paid leave to be exhausted
Filing a short-term disability claim

The STD waiting period you elected can be found in APEX.
Filing a long-term disability claim

Standard hours in APEX - may vary from actual hours worked