Holiday schedule and policy

County hours and locations during Super Bowl festivities 


Holiday Legal date Observed
New Years 1/1/2018 1/1/2018
Martin Luther King 1/15/2018 1/15/2018
President's Day 2/19/2018 2/19/2018
Memorial Day 5/28/2018 5/28/2018
Independence Day 7/4/2018  7/4/2018
Labor Day 9/3/2018 9/3/2018
Veterans' Day 11/11/2018 11/12/2018
Thanksgiving 11/22/2018 11/22/2018
Thanksgiving Friday 11/23/2018 11/23/2018
Christmas Eve** 12/24/2018 12/24/2018
Christmas Day 12/25/2018 12/25/2018

**Additional county holiday (not a legal holiday). County departments must have a sufficient number of employees at work. See HR Rule 12.3.b. - Additional Holiday

Religious holidays

You may use paid vacation, PTO, deferred holiday or compensatory time hours, or unpaid leave, to observe religious holidays which fall on a scheduled work day.

Holidays on Saturday or Sunday

  • When New Year's Day, Independence Day, Veterans' Day or Christmas Day falls on Sunday, the following Monday is the observed holiday.
  • When these holidays fall on Saturday, the preceding Friday is the observed holiday.
  • When Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, Christmas Eve is observed on the Thursday preceding the Friday holiday.
  • When Christmas Day falls on a Sunday or Monday, Christmas Eve is observed on the preceding Friday.

General provisions

  • Policies concerning holidays vary from department to department. Employees should learn their department's policy regarding holidays.
  • Full-time benefit eligible employees receive the same number of holidays (8 hours per holiday), whether they work Monday through Friday or some other schedule.
  • Holiday hours for part-time employees are based on average hours for the previous quarter (or standard hours if the employee had no hours in the previous quarter) .
  •  Holiday hours are added to the employee’s holiday balance in the pay period immediately preceding the holiday. If the employee does not work on the holiday, the hours used are recorded on the timesheet. If the employee works on the holiday, the hours may be used at a later date or cashed out subject to supervisor approval.
  • Employees required to work on the designated holiday are paid for the time worked. Some employees receive holiday premium on either the observed or legal holiday – see above chart:

    • Employees represented by a union contract may be paid holiday premium for hours worked on a holiday, except Christmas Eve (consult the applicable labor agreement). DDD pays premium for Christmas Eve.
    • Non-represented nonexempt employees are paid one and one-half times the regular hourly rate only if they work on a legal holiday.
  • Seasonal and non-benefit earning limited duration employees are not eligible for paid holidays. These employees may be eligible for holiday premium if assigned to work on the designated holiday.
  • Employees working in departments with more than eight-hour operations should expect to work some holidays. Examples of these are Library, Sheriff, County Home School, Juvenile Detention Center, and Property Services.

  • Employees are not required to work days preceding and following holidays to be eligible for holiday pay.

  • Some departments and labor contracts provide for annual cash out of holiday hours. Cash out for employees on a mobility or other temporary assignment to a different department is based on their “home” department’s policy.