Employee assistance program

This free program for employees and household family members provides a place to turn when you need help with personal concerns. The program includes:

  • Confidential consultation and referrals
  • Short-term counseling
  • Financial counseling
  • Child care referral and resources
  • Elder care referral and resources
  • Legal referral and resources
  • Manager and supervisor consultations*
  • Substance abuse assessment and services
  • Onsite training services (contact HealthWorks first)

How does it work?

An intake specialist gathers preliminary information and refers you to the appropriate resources. If it is an acute situation, you can talk to someone immediately.  For less immediate situations, someone will contact you with more information or you will be given the name and number of resources to contact. Employees and household members can receive up to four free sessions per issue.

More information about Sand Creek services (PDF)

To get started

Contact the Sand Creek Group at 651-430-3383 or 1-888-243-5744.

  • Language translation available
  • Call anytime (24 hours/day), including holidays

Online resources

Go to the Sand Creek work life wellness website for articles, online assistance, and self-assessment tools to help you balance work and everyday life concerns conveniently from your computer.

  • Company ID: web

Sand Paper - Sand Creek's quarterly newsletter

*Contact your HR Business Partner when appropriate. 

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Meet two of the many Sand Creek providers

D.J. Enga, CPFC

D.J. Enga is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and can provide financial services including financial counseling, mortgage counseling, and financial coaching to Hennepin County employees and household members at no cost. D. J. has over 16 years of financial counseling experience.

What drew you to your field?

I’ve always enjoyed helping people. A significant event in my early twenties created a deep interest in money and how people use it, perceive it and relate to it in their daily lives. Through my work for the State of Minnesota I’ve come to believe that we live in a society that boasts immediate gratification as the norm and we are constantly bombarded by the false message of consumerism and advertising. I’ve seen the negative effects of this on the people I counsel and how it ends up shaping the quality of their lives, whether it’s debt, denial or displeasure. I want to bring healing and awareness to others who might feel isolated or alone in their financial situations.

Describe what services you provide/ how you can help?

Generally I see people who are looking for direction on debt problems, budgeting concerns, money management as it relates to a marriage, mortgage related matters, consumer advocacy and credit reporting. I can provide coaching on managing money and budgeting. I can provide some generic retirement consulting, but due to liability reasons pertaining to my work with the EAP, I cannot give investment advice.

What is one misconception about your work?

Many financial or debt companies are looking to sell a product or resource to a client. The EAP and I are not promoting or selling a financial product — we are providing a benefit to employees and their household members. This allows me to work with people as an unbiased, non-judgmental third party that actively listens and provides direction, action plans and resources that are based on needs, not a sales goal. Also, all EAP’s are bound to laws that protect an employee’s confidentiality and nothing is ever shared with the employer or outside party unless a client gives specific authorization.

What is one thing that keeps people from seeking your help?

Fear keeps many people stuck —  fear of the unknown, fear of the reality of their financial situation, fear of changing their life or behavior. Fear often impedes an individual’s efforts to empower meaningful change in their lives. One of biggest obstacles is making the initial decision to step out and ask for help.

Talking about money is generally taboo; it’s a very private matter for most of us. Sometimes money isn’t even talked about in marriages or partnerships, oftentimes creating huge barriers in relationships that can cause stress, anxiety and other health issues. Talking to someone who is separate from the relationship can make it easier to see solutions and work towards them. 

How can employees contact you if they are interested in your help/services?

Employees and household members can call Sand Creek EAP at 651-430-3383 or toll free at 888-243-5744. There is a quick intake process and an employee can request to be directed to me, or can be directed to other EAP related resources. There is more information at our website www.sandcreekeap.com, company ID is web.

Joan Peterson

Joan has over 30 years of counseling experience.  

What drew you to your field? 

My interest in the profession grew from my personal experience. With a history of chemical dependency in my family, I started my career in chemical dependency. While married and raising two children, I returned to school and eventually managed St. John’s Hospital Mental Health and Addition Treatment Center in St. Paul. Through professional connections, I learned of Sand Creak EAP program. 

Describe what services you provide/ how you can help? 

Many people come to me because of stress.  There are many sources of stress and stress affects individuals differently.  One tool I have used for over 30 years is a Life Management Model. This model is an easy way to help people clarify the issue(s) and help their level of awareness.  As clients work through the model, they are amazed. I am constantly amazed by people’s goodness and whole-heartedly enjoy working with each client.  

What is one thing that keeps people from seeking your help? 

The misconception that mental health professionals can see inside their head is untrue. Through the power of their story and conversation, I am aware of my client’s emotion, body language and verbal cues. I help my clients see their own goodness and path towards better well-being. 

How can employees contact you if they are interested in your help/services?

Employees and household members can call Sand Creek EAP at 651-430-3383  or toll free at 888-243-5744. Visit Sand Creek EAP website for more information. The company ID is web.  


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