Elm Creek Road Bridge reconstruction

County Road 202 in Dayton

Hennepin County, in partnership with City of Dayton, Three Rivers Park District, and local, state and federal agencies, is replacing the Elm Creek Road Bridge (County Road 202). The bridge is located within the Elm Creek Park Reserve in Dayton. Construction began in December 2018.

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Construction updates

Crews work on finishing up project

Crews have been working hard to reconstruct the Elm Creek Road Bridge (County Road 202) in the Elm Creek Park Reserve.

A key component of the project has been to replace the outdated bridge. Since December 2018, crews completed key foundation and structure work, which includes:

  • Removing the old bridge.
  • Driving in piling.
  • Constructing new abutments to support the new bridge.
  • Laying the new timber deck.
  • Installing new timber railings.

Environmental improvements in the area are also being completed, which includes:

  • Removing and regrading 1,000 feet of connecting roadway.
  • Adding new rip rap (large rock) slopes for erosion control along the Elm Creek.
  • Constructing new floodplain culverts.

Final reconstruction activities ahead starting late May

The final major activity will be when crews pave and stripe the bridge and connecting roadway. Weather permitting, the project team expects to be able to complete this activity and reopen the roadway and bridge to traffic in July.

Crews will also complete minor construction tasks, such as landscaping and project site cleanup.

Detours, closures and traffic access

Bridge area closed during reconstruction

The bridge and 1,000 feet of connecting roadway is closed to complete the reconstruction work. We anticipate it will be closed for approximately six months.

Detours during the closure

The detours for through traffic will use:

  • Fernbrook Lane (County Road 121)
  • Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81)
  • Highway 610
  • Zachary Lane (County Road 202)
  • Goose Lake Road

Local access and park access remain open

There will be local access to the area, including access to the park.

However, there will be access impacts and trail closures at the Elm Creek crossing during the reconstruction. For more information, please go to Three River Park District's website or call 763-694-7894.

Project information

Hennepin County, in partnership with City of Dayton and the Three Rivers Park District, is reconstructing the Elm Creek Road Bridge in Dayton.

The bridge and 1,000 feet of connecting roadway in the Elm Creek Park Reserve will be reconstructed with design and functional improvements, including:

  • A second travel lane to improve traffic flow and align with the rest of Elm Creek Road.
  • New guardrails and shoulders to improve safety.
  • Restored and improved Elm Creek shoreline.

Project protects and supports environment

The project team is collaborating with local, state and federal agencies in an effort to protect and support Elm Creek Park Reserve's natural environment.

A majority of the reconstruction will occur during the winter months to help limit disturbances to native wildlife species.

Once constructed, the new bridge and connecting roadway will be realigned to limit impacts to the parklands, including vegetation. Also, floodplain culverts reduce sediments from getting into Elm Creek and allow wildlife to safely pass through during dry conditions.

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