Elm Creek Road Bridge reconstruction

County Road 202 in Dayton

Hennepin County, in partnership with City of Dayton, Three Rivers Park District, and local, state and federal agencies, replaced the Elm Creek Road Bridge (County Road 202). The bridge is located within the Elm Creek Park Reserve in Dayton.

Construction began in December 2018. The project reached completion in summer 2019.

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Elm Creek Road Bridge improvements

Features of the new bridge

The bridge and 1,000 feet of connecting roadway in the Elm Creek Park Reserve was reconstructed with design and functional improvements, including:

  • A second travel lane to improve traffic flow and align with the rest of Elm Creek Road.
  • New guardrails and shoulders to improve safety.
  • Restored and improved Elm Creek shoreline.

Environmental improvements in the area were completed, including:

  • Adding new rip rap (large rock) slopes for erosion control along the Elm Creek.
  • Constructing new floodplain culverts.

Newly paved road on the Elm Creek Road Bridge

Widened bridge to accommodate two lanes of traffic on Elm Creek Road

Bridge face

New timber bridge on Elm Creek Road with rip rap sloping for erosion control along Elm Creek

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