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COVID-19 response toolkits

Innovating new ways to use public space

COVID-19 response toolkits for public spaces and business districts

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way communities come together to safely use our valued public spaces and support local businesses. To help cities, communities and businesses navigate this new dynamic landscape, Hennepin County is working with partners to collect and share best practices for public spaces and business districts during COVID-19.


In particular, the toolkits provide:

  • Specific and creative ideas for how to use public space, streets, and private spaces to solve problems and realize opportunities
  • Processes to implement those ideas
  • Tips for how to overcome obstacles
  • Messaging for internal and external parties
  • Links to additional resources and case studies

COVID-19 response toolkit with winter strategies 

This toolkit aims to provide strategies for business owners and city staff to support small businesses, and help keep community members engaged, comfortable and safe throughout COVID-19 during the winter months.
COVID-19 winter strategies toolkit 


COVID-19 response toolkit for business districts

This toolkit is designed to commercial districts and help their small businesses navigate and survive COVID-19.

Business district COVID-19 response toolkit version 2.0 (PDF)


Business district survey

We want to know what challenges we should direct our attention and creativity to help you and small businesses the most. Please take this 5 question survey to let us know what you'd like us to focus on and share out to the broader community.

Take the survey


COVID-19 response toolkit for parks, streets, and neighborhoods

This toolkit is crafted to support safe public spaces that foster healthy and active communities during COVID-19.

Parks, Streets, & Neighborhoods COVID-19 response toolkit 2.0 (PDF)


Active Living

Denise Engen


Business District Initiative

Ryan Kelley