Prequalified Hennepin County consulting

Once consultants have executed a master agreement (see Step 1 below) and have become prequalified in one or more professional disciplines (see Step 2 below) they can be solicited for work within the program on a continuing basis. This program is limited to only those services listed in Step 2 below and does not include procurement of goods.

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Program summary

Program description

When a project or program need arises, a Hennepin County project manager considers prequalified consultants for the work. To become prequalified, firms must sign the county’s master agreement and submit information on qualifications related to their professional discipline. Once a firm is prequalified, it will be included on a list that county project managers can use to solicit proposals. Prequalification is not a guarantee of work.

Areas of expertise included in the program:

  • Architectural and facility engineering
  • Asbestos and solid waste
  • Community development
  • Community engagement
  • Energy
  • Environmental and cultural resource studies
  • Landscape architecture
  • Materials testing
  • Right of way assistance
  • Survey and mapping
  • Transportation

Each area of expertise includes more specific disciplines that the consultants must meet qualification criteria for, to become prequalified.

Participating agencies

  • Planning
  • Transportation (roads and bridges)
  • Community works
  • Environment and energy
  • Facility services
  • Resident and real estate services

Submittal requirements

Each firm must complete and submit a master agreement, a substitute W-9 and qualification documents specific to a professional discipline. Firms that do business in more than one discipline must submit separate qualification documents for each.


The program is open continuously. Firms can submit a master agreement and qualifications on a continuous basis. Firms maintain their prequalification status for three years and there are multiple extension options.

Evaluation process and length

County staff evaluates prequalification documents. Typically, review should take about 15 business days.

Master agreement

The master agreement establishes the terms and conditions as well as the technical provisions related to professional disciplines. The dollar amount for a specific project is defined within the work authorization for a specific project and not within the master agreement.

Alternate consultant selection methods

In addition to this prequalification program, Hennepin County will continue to use alternate solicitation methods to acquire professional consulting services. Examples include the designer selection committee and road and bridge construction projects. View current contract opportunities.

Firms prequalified by the Minnesota Department of Transportation

These firms will be deemed qualified in the same or similar disciplines of the county prequalification program. Submittal of an executed master agreement and prequalification documents is required.

Small business preference

The county gives first consideration to small businesses that are CERT certified. CERT is a small business certification program recognized by the county and several other local governments in the metro region, and certifies small minority-owned and small women-owned businesses. To be CERT certified, firms must apply. Visit the CERT website.


There is no requirement for primary consultants to use sub-consultants who have been prequalified.

Questions and comments

Send questions and comments to county staff, who continuously evaluate and seek ways to improve the program. Email

Program updates

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Step 1: master agreement and substitute W-9

The master agreement is valid for three years from execution with extension options for two more years. The master agreement establishes the terms, conditions and applicable technical provisions related to the program. Two signed and notarized originals of the entire master agreement with exhibits (70 pages each original) are required to be submitted. Electronic versions will not be accepted.

Please complete the following steps:

1. Download the master agreement and the substitute W9 form.

2. Print documents on plain white letter-size paper (8.5 x 11). One- or two-sided is acceptable.

3. Complete the following information on these three pages:

  • Page 4 – insert the date, firm name, and organizational structure under applicable state and principle place of business (address).
  • Page 27 – sign and notarize both agreements. Have your notary enter their county in the appropriate blank on the signature page.
  • Page 28 – sign both attestation concerning non-alteration of contract documents.

Complete the substitute W-9 form. Certified small business enterprises must include documentation to verify their certification.

** If any of the above requirements are not submitted the agreement will not be processed.

Mail completed documents and the completed substitute W-9 and the required small business enterprise certification verification (if applicable) to:

Program manager, Hennepin County
Consultant prequalification program
701 Fourth Ave. S., Suite 400
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1842

A fully executed agreement will be returned to you by U.S. mail. It is not necessary to wait to receive the fully executed agreement in order to submit your prequalification documents.

Master agreement and W-9 forms

Step 2: professional disciplines

Identify your discipline, read each related PDF carefully and follow the instructions exactly. For help completing the application, contact the program manager.

Architecture, facility engineering and specialties

Asbestos and solid waste

Community development

Community engagement

Cultural resources



Landscape architecture

Materials testing

Right-of-way assistance

Survey and mapping


Bridge and structure

Construction inspection/contract administration

Hydraulic and hydrology

Landscape Architecture

Pedestrian and bicycle




Value engineering

Step 3: qualification documents

Follow these instructions in order and exactly as indicated. Remember separate submittals are required for each work type. For help, contact the program manager.

1. Each submittal must include these four items, combined into a single PDF, in the following order:

  1. Cover letter – include firm's name, key consultant contact name and email, and list of sub-specialties sought (name and level if applicable)
  2. Form PQ1 - project experience (DOC)
  3. Form PQ2 (DOC)
  4. Form PQ3 (DOC) – supplemental information (if required)
  5. Any supplemental required information such as applicable licenses or certification relative to the discipline


3. Email the completed qualifications package to Multiple packages can be sent in either one email or separate emails. Only the qualifications package can be sent electronically. The master agreement must be mailed hard copy.

Program reports

Program updates

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