Training on new system to submit construction bids

Hennepin County is transitioning to a new electronic bidding system, ProcureWare, for construction contract opportunities. New bid opportunities will be posted and received in ProcureWare starting the fourth quarter of 2020. All contractors who wish to bid on Hennepin County construction projects will be required to use this system to submit their bids.

Please note: ProcureWare is not replacing the Supplier Portal which will continue to be used for most other county contract postings.

Virtual training sessions

The Purchasing and Contract Services Department is offering two virtual training sessions to help you learn how to register and submit a bid in ProcureWare. Please attend one of the training sessions so you don’t miss out on future construction contract opportunities.

Both trainings will be held virtually through Microsoft Teams. Each session will cover the same topics. You do not need to preregister.

Session #1

Session #2


  1. Introduction
  2. Registration (How to)
  3. Bidding (How to)
  4. Questions

If you have questions, please contact Gilbert Odonkor or Felicia Clomon.