Field trip bus funding request form

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Tell us about your group

Contact information

Format as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Participant information

  • For school groups, include the grade level, class(es) and/or subject(s) the field trip is being used for.
  • For community groups, describe if your participants are a part of a team, class, etc. that this field trip is being integrated into.
  • Character limit is 512.

Field trip information

Character limit is 512.

Character limit is 512.

Pre and post activities

You must conduct pre- and post-field trip activities with your group to prepare them for the field trip and reinforce and enhance the the learning at the field trip.

For ideas, ask your field trip site contact if they have the pre- or post-curriculum or see Hennepin County's environmental activity guides.

Character limit is 512.

Character limit is 512.

Transportation to the field trip

Provide information about when and where you need to be picked up to go to your field trip.

Transportation from the field trip

Enter information about the time you need to be picked up at the end of your field trip and the location you need to be dropped off after the field trip.