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Contract opportunities

The county acquires goods and services through a cost-effective, competitive and fair process accessible to all businesses. The county seeks vendors who share its commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action.

Most contracts are developed by either Purchasing and Contract Services or Human Services and Public Health.

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Bid changes due to COVID-19

Public bid openings are now virtual

To ensure the safety of the public and county employees, public bid openings will now be held virtually via a live Microsoft Teams meeting which is accessible to the public by clicking this link:
Attend virtual bid opening.
Learn more about attending Microsoft Teams meetings (DOCX)

Public bid openings are held Tuesdays, at 2 p.m. Please allow up to five minutes after the specified due date/time for the live bid opening to begin.

Information that is read at public bid openings will also be posted after bids are opened as follows:

  • Facility construction: this page (Contract opportunities)
  • Road and bridge construction: ProcureWare
  • All other public bids: Supplier Portal

Submit facility construction bids and proposals via email

Paper bids and proposals for facility construction projects may be scanned and submitted via email. Bids must be emailed to

Proposals for best value projects must be emailed to Bids and proposals must be emailed by the end date and time or they may be rejected.

For full county service impact information, see COVID-19 updates and announcements.

All public bids for goods and general services are now posted in the Supplier Portal. Vendors can go directly to the portal to see new opportunities.

Most Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for professional services and human services and public health contracts are now being posted in the portal as well.

Learn more about the Supplier Portal or go to the Supplier Portal to register today.

Hennepin County is committed to increasing its contracts with small businesses that are certified as a small business enterprise (SBE) by the Central Certification (CERT) Program. Minnesota statutes permit the county to invite only small businesses to bid on certain contract opportunities (MN Stat. 471.345, Subd. 20) and to directly negotiate contracts with small businesses and non-profits that meet certain criteria (MN Stat. 471.345, Subd. 8 and 383B.145, Subd.5).

To be included in all small business contracting opportunities, it is critical for small businesses to get certified, and maintain their certification, with the CERT program. The county advertises opportunities to firms listed in the CERT program's directory, and solicits bids directly from these firms based on the industry code(s) under which they are certified.

Non-public solicitations (sheltered markets)

To participate in any of the opportunities below, a firm must be certified by the Central Certification (CERT) Program as a small business enterprise (SBE). Follow these steps to participate:

Step 1

Confirm your business is CERT-certified. Visit CERT.

  • Make sure the status is active.
  • Make sure to include all industry codes that describe what your business does.

Step 2

Notify the county that you are interested in a specific opportunity listed below — ideally before the invitations to bid go out. Include the following:

  • Your contact information:
    • Business name
    • Contact person
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  • The name of the opportunity you are interested in

Step 3

Register your business with the Supplier Portal.

Upon completion of these steps, you will receive an invitation to the bid opportunity.

Current opportunities

Community Productive Day Construction Partnership Program

The Community Productive Day Construction Partnership Program was developed to help county residents on probation or under county supervision gain skills and training to secure meaningful employment in the construction trades. The program allows vendors and Hennepin County to work together to:

  • Reduce racial disparities in employment and income
  • Reduce recidivism with the justice system
  • Increase government contracts with small businesses

How does my organization become a partner?

Organizations interested in being part of the Community Productive Day Construction Partnership program must meet designated criteria. Follow these steps to determine if your organization qualifies.

Step 1

Answer these questions:

  1. Is your organization a general contractor or specialty contractor in the construction industry?
  2. Is your organization certified by the Central (CERT) Certification Program as a small business enterprise (SBE)?
  3. Is your organization's annual gross revenue less than $18.25 million for general contractors OR less than $7.5 million for specialty contractors?

If you answered "yes" to all three questions, then your organization is eligible to apply.

Step 2

  1. Complete all fields on the application form.
  2. You will receive an email from Hennepin County acknowledging your application was received.

Step 3

Your application will be evaluated. Based on your answers to the questions on the application, a decision will be made to grant or decline "partner" status to your organization. Applicants denied partner status will be offered the opportunity to receive feedback from a representative of the program concerning the strengths and weaknesses of their application.

For more information about the program visit the Productive Day Program web page.

Other contract opportunities

We will continue to post other contract opportunities for all organizations on the Supplier Portal. Learn more about the Supplier Portal.

All public professional services opportunities are posted on the Supplier Portal.

Learn how to register with the Supplier Portal to receive notifications of the new professional services solicitations.

Professional services opportunities are also available through the Consulting Services Program. The county maintains a roster of organizations that provide consulting services and gives first consideration to emerging and small businesses certified by CERT. Visit the Consulting Services Program page to learn more. 

How to bid

All public bids for road and bridge construction are now posted in ProcureWare. Vendors can go directly to ProcureWare to see new opportunities.

Constructability review

Periodically Hennepin County requests assistance from expert construction personnel to conduct constructability reviews for bridge and transportation projects. We use this input primarily to ensure that the projects are buildable. It also helps when we are creating proposals for bids, reviewing projects for cost-effectiveness and looking at long-term maintenance after completion.

The types of projects that are potential candidates include ones where there may be staging concerns, tight construction timeliness or where innovation is being proposed or may help.

Typically we announce these opportunities early in the project development process so input received can be incorporated into the final design as needed.

Constructability review opportunities

The constructability review is an informal meeting between Hennepin County and a contractor with expertise within the risk area. The meetings are conducted with each contractor individually. Meetings can be conducted on-site or at an office.

Current opportunities

  • None at this time
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