Capital project needs request

Hennepin County values our partnership with local agencies to develop and maintain a safe, efficient, balanced and environmentally sound transportation system. We consider all project needs requests from local agencies for inclusion in our Transportation Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Submitting a project needs request does not guarantee funding or inclusion in our Transportation CIP.

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Annual deadline

The deadline for capital project needs requests for the 2020-2024 Transportation CIP is October 1, 2018. Requests received after October 1, 2018 will be considered for the 2021-2025 Transportation CIP.

This formal request process will occur annually. Note that receiving federal or state funding may result in consideration outside of this annual process.

Submission requirements

Interested local agencies are required to submit general project overview information. It is recommended that agencies also send supplemental project information, if available, to assist county staff in the evaluation process.

This process is standardizing and streamlining requests, managing limited resources for capital improvements, and prioritizing capital projects based on the needs of the county.

Step 1: Required

Complete the project needs request form to provide general project overview information.

One form per project is required.

Step 2: Recommended

Email supplemental project information to, if available:

  • Feasibility study (draft or completed)
  • Preliminary layout or concept
  • Preliminary cost estimate (with identified non-county funding sources)
  • Photos of existing roadway conditions
  • Existing and proposed roadway typical sections (exact dimensions not required)
  • Information on related project phases or planning documents



Project needs requests from local agencies are evaluated annually by county staff according to the following technical and comprehensive review criteria.

Technical review criteria

  • Safety: review of crash rates along the project corridor in comparison to the county averages
  • Roadway usage: vehicle throughput along the project corridor
  • Infrastructure age: year of last reconstruction activity completed along the project corridor
  • Mobility and mode choice: review of existing bicycle, pedestrian and ADA accommodations

Comprehensive review criteria

  • Safety: potential to enhance the safety, security and comfort level of all transportation modes
  • Mobility: anticipated impacts to overall level of service for all transportation modes
  • Asset condition: expected improvements to address infrastructure deficiencies
  • Project readiness and feasibility: assessment of project risk and uncertainties
  • Environment: expected impact to the quality of environment
  • Community and economic development: influence on local communities and businesses


County staff will notify all requesting agencies of recommendations in summer of the following year.

Recommended for CIP funding

Projects yielding the highest scores and aligning with the county’s current priorities will be recommended for funding in the county’s 2020-2024 Transportation Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Designated for provisional project list

Projects yielding relatively moderate scores will not be recommended for funding. Instead, these projects will be designated for inclusion on the county’s provisional project list within the 2020-2024 Transportation CIP. This list identifies projects for consideration should additional funding become available.

Requests placed on this list will be re-evaluated annually using the information previously submitted, along with any identified updates.

Not recommended

Requests not recommended for the Transportation CIP or provisional project list can be re-submitted by local agencies the following year, if changes in the project are expected to significantly improve the project's chance of scoring well.

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