NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center core package: contract 5143A0

Hennepin County will administer a best value procurement process to select and award a contract to the Proposer that offers the best value to the County, based on the requirements of the solicitation.

The expansion of the NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center (hereinafter “NorthPoint” or the “Project”), will be a Multi-phase construction effort, delivered through three bid packages: the “Core Package,” for which proposals pursuant to this Request for Proposals are sought; and two smaller bid packages, “Bid Pack #2” and “Bid Pack #3,” for which general contractors in the county’s Community Productive Day Construction Partnership Program are invited to submit proposals.  

NorthPoint is located in the heart of a residential neighborhood on two busy streets in North Minneapolis.  Hennepin County has provided health care services in this area since 1967. The current clinic facility was built in 1993.  It is a 67,000 gross square foot building with services a lower level and a main level.

The clinic’s expansion is a complex construction project that includes two large areas of new construction on either side of the existing building, renovation of the existing building and complete reconstruction of the site.  The construction will occur while the clinic remains open, in place, and serving its clients and patients. 

The Project includes sustainable design features, expanding NorthPoint’s role in the community to include environmental health and wellness.

During construction, patient/client entrances will change and public paths of travel will move several times. The General Contractor (GC) for the Core Package will be expected to allow for deliveries and services to the facility in a safe and welcoming manner. The Core Package GC will be expected to implement the Owner’s scheduled project delivery while maintaining a safe and clean site. Coordination of construction progress and proactively communicating impacts to the NorthPoint community and the neighborhood will be the responsibility of the Core Package GC.

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Hennepin County encourages vendors who can provide subcontractor services to complete a capability statement and send it to contractors on the plan holders list.

Capability statement

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Assistance with your capability statement

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Contractors interested in being added to the plan holders list should send an email to with the following information:

  • Business name
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Fax number

Please include "Contract 5143A0" in the subject line of your email.

The plan holders list will be updated daily until the day before bids are due. 

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