Law Enforcement Hazardous Waste Survey

During the normal course of duty, law enforcement agencies may take possession of and become responsible for the proper disposal of many wastes. Some of these wastes may be hazardous, including confiscated drugs, pharmaceuticals accepted from households, seized ammunition and other evidence that is no longer needed for criminal justice purposes. In addition, law enforcement agencies also commonly generate their own hazardous wastes, such as batteries, electronics and wastes from the maintenance of firearms and vehicles.

Hennepin County regulates the accumulation, transport and disposal of hazardous wastes in the county. During the next few months, Hennepin County will work with all law enforcement agencies in the county to license, provide guidance and ensure compliance with hazardous waste rules and requirements.

As a first step, law enforcement agencies are asked to complete the survey below to assess your department’s activities and wastes generated that may fall under hazardous waste regulations. Once you have completed the survey, a hazardous waste inspector from Hennepin County will follow up with you to discuss hazardous waste management and licensing requirements.

Hazardous Waste Management Survey for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Contact information
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General law enforcement agency information
Is the police department responsible for the management of universal wastes, such as batteries (including those from stun guns and TASERs), fluorescent lamps, electronics (including those removed from squad cars and at stations)?

Where do officers clean their guns (select all that apply):

Do you operate a firing range?

Do you operate and maintain a permanent residential pharmaceutical collection site?

Do you host residential pharmaceutical collection events?

Do you manage and store seized illicit drugs and drug lab paraphernalia?

Do you have an evidence room?

Firearms related
In what form(s) are the products used for cleaning weapons (check all that apply)?

In what form(s) are the products used for bluing weapons (check all that apply)?

Do you have dirty rags/patches/wipes or other weapon maintenance and cleaning waste?

Do you have the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all weapon maintenance products?

Chemical agents (CS, CR, pepper spray, Mace, smoke grenades, flares)
Do you maintain an inventory of chemical agents such as CS, CR, Mace, pepper spray or smoke grenades?

Do you have the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all of the chemical agent products?

Training opportunities
Would you or someone in your office be interested in attending hazardous waste training specifically targeted to law enforcement agencies?

If you are interested in attending a training session, please indicate which day(s) and time(s) work best for you (select your top three):