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Hennepin County Environmental Partners

The Hennepin County Environmental Partners program recognizes businesses for their efforts to recycle and divert organic waste, which includes food scraps and non-recyclable paper, from the trash through composting, sending food scraps to local farmers to feed animals, or by donating edible food.

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Being recognized as a Hennepin County Environmental Partner will help you communicate to customers that you care about their community and are taking action to protect the environment.

What are businesses recognized for?

Businesses can be recognized for diverting wastes in the following categories:

We recycle

Materials including paper, cardboard, cartons, glass, plastic and metal are sent to a recycling facility so they can be manufactured into new products.

We compost

Organic waste ,which includes food waste, non-recyclable paper and compostable foodware, is sent to a composting facility where it is recycled into valuable compost that is put to good use in landscaping and road construction projects.

We donate food

Leftover edible food, including unserved menu items, food from catered events and day-old baked goods, is donated to food rescue agencies to help people in need.

We feed animals

Food that is no longer safe for people to eat, including food prep waste, plate waste, spoiled or outdated food and unpackaged frozen food, is processed into animal feed.

Apply to be recognized

1. Apply

Fill out and submit the application.

2. Get verified

Hennepin County business recycling staff will review your application and contact you within a couple of days to schedule a site verification visit. A visit typically takes less than an hour to complete.

3. Recognition awarded

Once we've verified your recycling efforts, we will send you decals to display and add your business to the directory. You can also request table tents and electronic copies of the decals for your use.

Recognition as a Hennepin County Environmental Partner lasts for three years. At the end of that period, your business will need to renew by submitting an application to verify that you meet the latest program standards.

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