Online access to recorded documents

RecordEASE web is an online service providing paid subscribers access to the land records maintained by the Hennepin County Recorder/Registrar of Titles.

Who can benefit from online access to land records

  • Title companies
  • Banks and other mortgage lenders
  • All other commercial entities needing to find land records

For access to these records without a subscription, see our real estate document copies and research page.

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Key features

With a RecordEASE web subscription, you can:

Perform and view results for both Abstract and Torrens property index searches by:

  • Grantor/grantee names
  • Document type
  • Legal description
  • Date range

View and download images in PDF format

  • Recorded documents and plats
  • Historic tract books and cancelled pre-electronic certificates of title

View and download interactive Certificates of Title, with the ability to navigate from certificate to certificate in a chain of title and to view images of memorialized documents through links in a single click

Access Abstract Tract Card, which displays search results in the same manner as historic tract pages

Multiple parcel data downloads, screen scraping programs or other computer extraction techniques are strictly prohibited. Hennepin County reserves the right to deny access to the site to any individual or party determined to be misusing the site.


How to subscribe

1. Complete the agreement (PDF) – for help, see the agreement instructions (PDF)

2. Sign and date two copies

  • Note to commercial entities – this agreement must be signed by an officer with the authority to bind their organization to the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Photocopied, scanned or stamped signatures will not be accepted.

3. Complete the contact form (PDF)

4. Submit the completed agreement and contact form to:

Hennepin County Recorder/Registrar of Titles
Attn: RecordEASE Web Customer Service
A-500 Government Center
300 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487

Once we process your completed forms, we will contact you with your user IDs and passwords.



Monthly subscription: $30 per customer plus the following transactional fees

  • Search: $0.50 per search
  • View recorded documents: $1.50 per document
  • View certificates of title (Torrens): $2.50 per certificate
  • View tract page: $2.50 per tract
  • View tract card (1988 forward): $2.50 per tract
  • View recorded plat: $5 per plat

There is no additional cost for downloading and/or printing after the initial charge for viewing.

Payment options

We accept checks made out to Hennepin County Recorder or cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

System requirements

External subscriber workstation requirements

Users must use a web browser, Tiff viewer and PDF viewer.

  • Web browser: Internet Explorer 8 and above (Recommended)
  • Tiff viewer: Alternatiff (Recommended)
    (Alternatiff is one of many options available for use. It can be downloaded at If using any option besides Alternatiff, you may need to make adjustments to your browser settings to allow pop-ups.)
  • PDF viewer: Adobe (Recommended)

The viewing software you select to use must be associated with the correct file types (TIFF, TIF, and PDF) in your computer settings.

If you are having issues

You may want to consider the following browser modifications:

  • Adding RecordEASE to Internet Explorer's trusted
  • Disabling pop-up blocker on your browser
  • Enable automatic downloads of files from RecordEASE
  • Set browser to automatically check for new version of stored pages

The steps needed for making these adjustments varies by browser type and version.

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