Bottineau Boulevard reconstruction

County Road 81 in Brooklyn Park

Hennepin County and the City of Brooklyn Park have partnered to reconstruct Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81).

A segment between 63rd and West Broadway (County Road 8) avenues is currently under construction. An additional segment in Brooklyn Park, between West Broadway and 83rd avenues, is expected to begin construction in 2019.

Improvements along the corridor include additional lanes, better access and connection to side streets and frontage roads, crosswalks, new traffic signal systems and improved stormwater systems. These improvements will make the road safer for all users, provide better traffic flow and reduce congestion and delays.

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Future reconstruction: Between West Broadway and 83rd avenues

Project purpose

This project will include pavement upgrades, drainage improvements and underground utility work, as well as a number of safety improvements.

  • For motorists, the road will include the addition of through lanes, dedicated turn lanes and traffic signal replacements.
  • For pedestrians, there will be sidewalk curb ramp replacements, accessible pedestrian signals and countdown timers.
  • For bicyclists, the Crystal Lake Regional Trail will be extended along Bottineau Boulevard and shared paths along Brooklyn Boulevard.

Project layout


2014: Federal funding approved

2016: Preliminary design

2017-18: Detail design

2019: Construction to begin (anticipated) 

Additional resources

Public involvement

Previous events

Hennepin County and the City of Brooklyn Park hosted an open house in October 2017 to share early designs for the reconstruction between West Broadway and 83rd avenues. 

Materials from the open house

Future outreach 

Plans are underway for additional outreach to share more design information and to reach additional audiences. More information will be provided as it becomes available. 

Project leadership and partners

Hennepin County

Current construction: Between 63rd and West Broadway avenues

Future construction: Between West Broadway and 83rd avenues

Blue Line extension

City of Brooklyn Park

Metro Transit

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Three Rivers Park District

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