Advantage Cross

Advantage networks that fit your life.

Nearly all of Hennepin County employees, retirees and their families chose the Advantage health insurance plan. During open enrollment this year, eligible employees, families and retirees can keep the Advantage plan and network they chose last year, or choose between three different Advantage networks, which includes

  • Fairview/North Memorial/HealthEast
  • HealthPartners/Park Nicollet
  • Hennepin County Medical Center/NorthPoint

Advantage plans save individuals between nearly $400 and $800 per year and families between $1,500 to nearly $2,900 per year when compared to the Standard plan.

Free online visits

Each network offers free online visits for common issues, such as ear infections, sinus infections and urinary tract infections. You don't need to visit a doctor’s office, and you can have prescriptions sent to the pharmacy you choose.

OnCare (Advantage Fairview/North Memorial/HealthEast)
First time use:
Returning user:

Virtuwell (Advantage HealthPartners/Park Nicollet)

e-visit (Advantage Hennepin County Medical Center/NorthPoint)

Visit by phone, or face-to-face with a physician.

Advantage Cross

Compare the plans

2018 monthly employee premium advantageHCMC/NorthPoint advantageFairview/North Memorial/HealthEast advantageHealthPartners/Park Nicollet Standard plan – Tier 1
Employee only $23.72 $56.86 $56.86 $90.00
Employee and spouse $275.65 $373.65 $373.65 $482.01
Employee and children $211.14 $286.06 $286.06 $369.05
Family $296.89 $411.08 $411.08 $536.92
2018 benefits summary
Lifetime maximum unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Calendar year deductible none $300 single / $600 family $300 single / $600 family $300 single / $600 family
Preventive health care 100% coverage 100% coverage 100% coverage 100% coverage
Network Narrow network Narrow network Narrow network Open network
Be Well Clinic 100% coverage 100% coverage 100% coverage 100% coverage
Online visits 100% coverage 100% coverage 100% coverage 100% coverage
After deductible
Office visits $5 copay $25 copay $25 copay $25 copay
Emergency room $100 copay $100 copay $100 copay $100 copay
In-patient hospital care $125 copay $125 copay $125 copay $125 copay
Outpatient care $5-$50 copay $25-$50 copay $25-$50 copay $25-$50 copay
Durable medical equipment 80% coverage 80% coverage 80% coverage 80% coverage
Retail pharmacy $25-$50 copay $25-$50 copay $25-$50 copay $25-$50 copay

You must live in Minnesota or the western border of Wisconsin to enroll in an Advantage plan.

While referrals are easy and free within each network, services from doctors and specialists who are out of your network will be billed as out-of-network providers.

Choose your network

Consider which network includes the providers that you and your family prefer.
Look up all of your doctors, specialists, clinics, hospitals and healthcare services using the PreferredOne provider search.

Networks 2

Advantage Hennepin County Medical Center/NorthPoint is an integrated health care network that includes primary care, convenience care, emergency care, specialty centers and a Trauma Level 1 hospital, all of which provide a high quality, affordable option for you and your family. In addition, you have access to online resources like e-visits with an HCMC provider and MyChart, which provide options for scheduling appointments and reviewing your medical records online. You can choose providers within the HCMC/NorthPoint network without a referral and out-of-network referrals are provided with in-network benefits.

  • HCMC hospital with Level 1 adult and pediatric trauma care
  • Primary care clinics including Family Medicine/Internal Medicine/Pediatrics/OB/GYN and more
  • Expanded specialty care clinic network
  • E-visit, Nurse Line, and MyChart access
  • Dedicated concierge services and liaison support
Networks 1

This Advantage network offers the combined strengths of Fairview, HealthEast and North Memorial. Our doctors and care teams provide you a full range of health services from primary care to the latest advances in medicine at University of Minnesota Health (hospitals and specialists). As a member, you’ll be able to move freely among the three health systems without a referral. Enjoy the convenience of MyChart online tools that allow you to schedule appointments, review your medical records, refill prescriptions, and message your doctor.

  • Access to 13 hospitals
  • Over 5,000 primary care doctors and specialists
  • 80 urgent care centers
  • Online care through Fairview OnCare and North eCare, and MDLIVE
Networks 1

Find care that fits you! Choose this Advantage network option and enjoy all the conveniences provided by HealthPartners and Park Nicollet, including a wide variety of online and mobile tools to make health care simple. This network option offers full access to clinics and hospitals throughout the metro. And no referrals are needed to move freely within the HealthPartners Care System. This integrated system ensures you receive all the services you need to achieve optimal health.

  • Access to 7 hospitals (including Regions Hospitals with Level 1 Adult and Pediatric Trauma Care)
  • 2,000 primary care doctors and specialists
  • 58 Primary Care Clinics (incl. Family Practice/OB/GYN/Peds)
  • 24/7 online clinic virtuwell
  • 26 urgent care centers
Advantage Cross

Contact information

Contact your network

Call your network to find a clinic, get a referral, schedule an appointment, talk to a nurse, or ask general benefits questions.

Fairview/North Memorial/HealthEast
Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

HealthPartners/Park Nicollet
Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Hennepin County Medical Center/NorthPoint
Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Contact PreferredOne

Call PreferredOne with questions about coverage for specific services, such as an upcoming surgery.

Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.