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Why we do this work

ARS staff know their work helps people maintain stability and fundamental rights, and they are passionate about the work they do.

In the last five years, they have helped clients stay in their homes, dissolve guardianships, reunite with their children, connect with medical and social services, and so much more. With everything they do, they work towards increasing equity and stability for their clients. Read more about client success stories.

“Every single person in this department is here according to their values and to serve the clients.” – Loan Mai, Administrative Assistant

“I really believe in our mission. It keeps me excited about coming to work every day, to see how engaged people are, to see how well we are representing our clients.” – Terrance Hendricks, Principal Attorney

“Most exciting for me is hearing the daily stories from our legal team when they return from court. The daily impact we have on the lives of our clients has always been the most meaningful for me.” – Rachelle Loewenson Stratton, Principal Attorney

“The most rewarding part for me is knowing there are so many folks who have been historically underserved in the community…that we are able to reach and connect to every day in a meaningful way.” – Jeanette Boerner, Director