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Clients and impact

The work ARS does has a huge impact on clients’ lives.

“They have the government on the other side of the equation or someone with more power,” ARS Director Jeanette Boerner said. “So, we equalize that and are able make that playing field level.”

"Outcomes in civil cases are worse for people without legal representation because there is an inherent disadvantage," Principal Attorney Terrance Hendricks said.

“When there is an imbalance of power, the system doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to,” Hendricks said. “With our attorneys involved, regardless of the outcome of the case, the client leaves that situation knowing that every possible legal avenue was pursued and we fought the good fight for them.”

"Defining success by wins or losses doesn’t tell the full story because positive outcomes for clients are subjective," Principal Attorney Rachelle Loewenson Stratton said.

But sometimes there is an objectively happy ending.

“Seeing the families be reunited – that’s the best feeling in the world,” said Loan Mai, administrative assistant, about successful child protection cases. “The moment that you see a family reunited…there’s no words to describe it.”

The staff recognize the importance and impact of their work and often gather to honor their colleagues and the lives they touch.

“I remember a recent event organized by one of our staff to celebrate the Native community and success at the United States Supreme Court,” said Stratton. “It highlighted for me how important our work is and how significant and wide-reaching the impact can be.”

 man receiving an award from a commissioner

In August 2023, the housing court team received an award from the National Association of Counties for their rapid response to the eviction moratorium and continuing work in supporting residents.