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Joe Mitchell, child protection attorney

joe mitchell outside

Dignity is a driving force behind Joe Mitchell’s work. As an attorney with Adult Representation Services’ child protection team, Mitchell aims to center his clients’ humanity in a system that can sometimes be dehumanizing.

“I try to contextualize my client’s struggles, celebrate their successes, and find ways to work with the people involved to give clients a chance to make their families whole,” he said.

Mitchell joined ARS in 2019, following six years as an assistant public defender with Hennepin County. He was drawn to ARS thanks to their reputation for excellent client service, along with a commitment to disparity reduction and social justice.

The ability to provide individualized legal support is something that Mitchell doesn’t take for granted. “ARS is unique in that we have the staffing and resources to give clients enough time and attention to understand their problems and offer solutions. We can give people the support to change their lives.”

While the field of child protection comes with many challenges, Mitchell stays energized by the unexpected.

“I often find myself making assumptions about how a case will go, and I’m often wrong! I love the feeling of closing a case with successful reunification, where a child goes home to a healthy parent who has worked hard to manage a mental health condition or to establish long-term sobriety. The cases where that outcome never seemed likely are even sweeter.”

Published 5/28/24