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ARS receives countywide disparity reduction award

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Every year, Hennepin County recognizes employees who make exceptional contributions in our workplaces and communities via the Countywide Awards.

Announced this month, Adult Representation Services (ARS) has received the 2023 award in the category of Disparity Reduction in Action. ARS shares the award with Adult Corrections Facility (ACF) Legal Access Teams, within the Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Residents of the ACF and clients of ARS are disproportionately low income and people of color. Without direct intervention, incarceration disrupts the ability of ACF residents to successfully navigate matters like eviction and child protection.

To alleviate the consequences of incarceration and reduce disparities, ARS and ACF have collaborated to provide the facility’s residents direct access to legal representation while still incarcerated.

“In an organization as big as Hennepin County, it’s very important to work across departments and programs to make a real difference for residents,” said Jeanette Boerner, ARS director. “We’re honored to be recognized by our colleagues and proud of our shared efforts toward reducing disparities within the justice system.”

Published 5/14/24