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Client highlights

ARS helped LaTanya keep her housing - February 2023

“This is not just housing. This is my home.”

That’s how ARS client LaTanya describes the apartment from which she was nearly evicted. She lives with mental health and medical conditions that make it challenging for her to keep up with rent.

LaTanya was already working with a mental health case manager and housing worker, both of whom have provided great support. But she had reached the limit of rental assistance she could receive. Plus, if she lost her housing, she wouldn't be eligible for a housing worker.

We met LaTanya at her first court appearance in December 2022. That was when housing attorney Jessica began defending her in the eviction case. Jessica was able to negotiate a settlement with the landlord. The settlement put LaTanya on a payment plan so she could stay in her home while catching up on rent. The stress of the court escalated into a mental health crisis for LaTanya. She couldn't keep on track with the plan.

In February 2023, LaTanya was again facing eviction. We brought together a team. The team members were Libby, a paralegal; Jamielee, case management assistant; and Patrick, a legal services specialist. The team worked to beat the clock and secure funds before LaTanya was forced to leave her home. With less than a day to spare, the team identified 3 separate sources of financial assistance to prevent the eviction. LaTanya’s attorney, Jessica, ensured that the landlord was still willing to do the payment plan.

“(There) couldn’t have been a better group of people coming together to help me,” LaTanya said.

Now, her mental health case manager is helping her set up automatic payments. This will help her not fall behind on rent again, even if she has another health crisis. Her property manager has already told her that she’ll be able to renew her lease come July.

Through strong legal advocacy and support, LaTanya has found stability and looks forward to more years in her home.