Shoreline Drive and Shadywood Road intersection improvement

County roads 15 and 19 in Orono

Hennepin County, in coordination with Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and the City of Orono, will make improvements to the Shoreline Drive (County Road 15) and Shadywood Road (County Road 19) intersection.

Construction began on May 26.

County Road 15 timeline

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Construction updates

Major construction activities complete

Crews were able to work efficiently and complete two construction stages for the Shoreline Drive (County Road 15) and Shadywood Road (County Road 19) intersection project.

As a result, major construction activities on the project were completed in late August. 

Signal work this fall 

Final traffic signals, with permanent poles, will be installed later this fall. In the meantime, the existing wire-span signals will be in place.

Thank you for your patience  

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we made important updates to this intersection. We also understand the challenges of traveling through the area during this and other nearby construction projects. We have made a number of efforts to minimize the impact on residents and businesses in the area.

You will continue to see crews on site from time to time until the project reaches its conclusion. Please be aware of these crews and travel carefully through the area when they are on site.

Project information

Based on traffic safety studies conducted by Hennepin County and Minnesota Department of Transportation, a need was found to redesign the Shoreline Drive and Shadywood Road intersection to improve traffic safety. 

The new intersection will receive safety and traffic flow improvements, helping enhance the livability and quality of life for people who reside, work and travel through this area. 


The intersection will be redesigned to include:

  • Pedestrian improvements, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramps with Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS), durable crosswalk markings and new sidewalks
  • Traffic flow improvements, including upgraded traffic signals with improved timing and reconfigured travel lanes to include dedicated left turn lanes at the intersection
  • Safety improvements, including a modified right turn lane on Shoreline Drive to discourage speeding and a curb extension on Shoreline Drive at Kelly Avenue to clearly indicate through and turn lanes
  • Roadway improvements, including replacing deteriorating curbs and gutters, underground utility lines and pavement substructure

Project features (PDF)

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