Woodland Trail/County Road 10 project

Repaving and restriping project in Corcoran

Hennepin County repaved Woodland Trail/County Road 10 west of Rebecca Park Trail (County Road 50) to east of Fletcher Lane (County Road 116).

Additional improvements to the lane striping were added to County Road 10 and Rebecca Park Trail.

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Intersection work completed

This September, road improvement work was completed at the intersection of County Road 10 at Rebecca Park Trail (County Road 50) in Corcoran.

Crews realigned the intersection to a standard 90 degree intersection. This will help increase the sight distance for users when approaching the intersection. A dedicated westbound left turn lane from County Road 10 onto Rebecca Park Trail was added.

These two changes have a strong potential to reduce the number of crashes at this intersection.

County Roads 10 and 50 (Rebecca Park Trail) intersection - proposed layout (PDF)

Public involvement

An open house was held on February 9, 2017, where residents were invited to meet with county and city staff to discuss this project.

The final design of the Woodland Trail project will be based on input from this public meeting and the city of Corcoran.

If you were unable to attend, but would like to offer feedback on the project, contact Brad Martens at 763-400-7030.

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