County roads 10 and 50 road and drainage improvements


Hennepin County will be replacing culverts and repairing the road along county roads 10 and 50 in Corcoran.

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Drainage improvements and road repaving on County Road 50

Beginning Monday, June 10, crews will replace underground culverts along County Road 50. Once the culverts have been replaced crews will repave County Road 50 between county roads 10 and 19. The repaving will use a method called cold in-place recycling. Cold in-place recycling involves removing and grinding up what exists and reapplying it to the new road. This method may take longer than a traditional mill and overlay process, but should help the new pavement last longer.

Project map (PDF)

County Road 10 drainage improvements

After work on County Road 50 is complete, crews will begin the work to replace the culverts on County Road 10.


Local traffic access will be maintained during the project. You should expect delays and day-to-day traffic configuration changes when traveling through the area. When we close one county road, we will keep the other county road open.

Access will be available from the east through downtown Corcoran and from the west using County Road 19.

Weather permitting, this project is expected to be completed September 2019.

Public involvement

Hennepin County and the City of Corcoran hosted an open house on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

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