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The Community Health Assessment is a tool to monitor the health of children and adults who live in Hennepin County. It provides a resource for an ongoing conversation about policies and programs to enhance that health.

To improve the health of all the residents of Hennepin County, county health agencies partner with other key organizations, such as hospital and medical clinics and schools.

The indicators are important because they track measures of health over time, allow one to compare the local results with state and national goals and show where there are gaps in health status between groups within the general population.

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Chronic conditions and mortality

Adults reporting poor or fair health (2010) (PDF)
9.4% of adults aged 18 and older

Adults with disability (2010) (PDF)
20.2% of adults aged 18 and older

Adults with diabetes (2010) (PDF)
5.3% of adults aged 18 and older

Adults with hypertension (2010) (PDF)
16.8% of adults aged 18 and older

Adults who have had heart disease or a stroke (2010) (PDF)
4.9% of adults aged 18 and older

Adults with high cholesterol (2010) (PDF)
32.4% of adults aged 18 and older

Children are in excellent or very good overall health (2010) (PDF)
88.4% of children aged 17 and younger

Child currently has a serious health condition (2010) (PDF)
10.6% of children aged 17 and younger

Infant deaths – rate of deaths to infants under age one (2014) (PDF)
4.9 deaths per 1,000 births


Obese adults (2010) (PDF)
20.4% of adults aged 18 and older

Adolescents who are overweight or obese in suburban Hennepin County (2013) (PDF)
21% of suburban Hennepin County 9th graders

Nutrition, physical activity and substance use

Preventive health care and access to services

Maternal, infant and child health

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A Public Health Journal is a weekly cable television program with host Dr. Ed Ehlinger. The program is produced by Minneapolis Office of Media Services, Minnesota Department of Health,and the Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department. Sponsors include the University of Minnesota Boynton Health Service, Minnesota Public Health Association and the Twin Cities Medical Society, Each week Dr. Ehlinger is joined by a variety of guests to discuss health issues and problems.

The program airs on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. on the Metro Cable Network Channel 6.

City and state reports

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