Geographic information systems

The public has access to the county’s interactive mapping applications and spatial datasets, provided by the GIS office.

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GIS data access expands in 2014

Hennepin County is expanding access to its substantial collection of public geographic information systems (GIS) data, which is used by the public and businesses for a variety of needs. Currently the county shares the data through license agreements and fees, but soon those agreements and fees won’t be necessary. The county will still be able to charge fees for certain special requests.

The GIS data includes but is not limited to:

  • all roads, streets, highways and interstates in the county
  • all waterways, streams and lakes
  • all political subdivisions, election boundaries and voting precincts
  • all county property, land survey and parcel boundaries
  • all county facilities and other facilities (city halls, hospitals, nursing homes)
  • all environmental information (dump sites, hazardous waste generators, land cover, natural resources and park data)
  • all census boundaries
  • human service delivery sites (chemical dependency centers, adult day care, licensed foster care, MHPA housing, contracted providers)

The first set of data released under the new plan will include parcels, address points, and street centerlines which are effective for locating addresses and analyzing property.

Expanded data will initially become available through the county’s website, in Spring 2014. 

Interactive maps

GIS web solutions

  • Property — land survey documents and information on taxable property
  • Park — amenity information for nearly 1,000 parks within the county
  • Construction — street notifications by the transportation department
  • Election results — reporting information including voter turnout data
  • Natural resources — land and water information related to property within the county

Interactive maps

GIS data

Spatial datasets

  • Tax parcel boundaries — updated monthly by the Survey Division
  • Two-foot elevation contours — produced from statewide LIDAR
  • Aerial imagery — orthorectified imagery (Spring 2012)
  • Park boundaries and amenities — updated annually
  • Municipal boundaries — for all 45 municipalities within Hennepin County
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