Office of the county administrator

The mission of county administration is to implement county board policies, promote interests with other government agencies and partners, and provide direction to departments to achieve the county's overarching goals.

The county administrator makes recommendations to the county board, implements its policies, provides leadership to the organization and assures effective delivery of county services.

The county administrator is David J. Hough.

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Assistant county administrators

Carl Michaud 
Assistant County Administrator - Public Works

Phone: 612-348-3054 
Fax: 612-348-9777

The assistant county administrator for Public Works is responsible for advising the county board and county administrator on policies and issues and ensuring coordination among Public Works departments, public and private agencies, community organizations and partnerships. The assistant county administrator also serves as deputy executive director of the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority and the Hennepin County Housing and Redevelopment Authority. The mission of Public Works is to create active and livable communities through economic development, environmental stewardship and advancement of an intermodal transportation network.

Jennifer DeCubellis
Deputy Administrator - Health and Human Services

Phone: 612-596-9416
Fax: 612-348-9777

The assistant county administrator for Health is responsible for health reform efforts and integration initiatives to drive service quality and efficiencies while lowering health costs for Hennepin County and its residents. 

Rex Holzemer
Assistant County Administrator – Human Services

Phone: 612-348-4806
Fax: 612-348-8228

The assistant county administrator for Human Services is responsible for the overall administration and financial management of Hennepin County’s human services delivery system. Specific duties include:

  • Advise the county board, county administrator, and other assistant county administrators on policies, programs, best practices and issues.
  • Support the development of relationships with community partners who share the work of helping individuals and families meet their basic needs and encouraging behavior change around specific objectives.
  • Champion high-level initiatives aimed at changing the delivery of human services with the goal of better client outcomes and stronger communities.
  • Ensure that data and continuous improvement drive the department's work and achieve results.
  • Recommend changes in human services legislation and work to ensure that the new policies are implemented appropriately and cost effectively.

Judy Regenscheid
Assistant County Administrator – Operations

Phone: 612-348-3392
Fax: 612-348-9777

The assistant county administrator for Operations is responsible for the strategic and fiscal management of the county's operations line of business as well as advising the county administrator and county board on policies and issues related to enhancing service delivery to meet the overall county vision and strategic initiatives.

Mark S. Thompson
Assistant County Administrator – Public Safety

Phone: 612-348-9050
Fax: 612-348-9777

The assistant county administrator for Public Safety is responsible for advising the county board and county administrator on policies and issues related to and involving the Hennepin County justice partners. This position oversees the strategic and fiscal management of the Community Corrections and Emergency Management areas and the Public Defender's Office. In this capacity, this assistant county administrator serves as county administration's liaison to the Fourth Judicial District Court, the Sheriff's Office and the County Attorney's Office. 

Appointed officials

State law requires the county to appoint qualified individuals to fill certain roles.  

  • Assessor: James Atchison
  • Auditor: Mark V. Chapin
  • Chief Medical Examiner: Andrew M. Baker, M.D.
  • Highway Engineer: Jim Grube
  • Chief Public Defender: Mary F. Moriarty
  • Examiner of Titles: Susan Ledray
  • Recorder and Registrar of Titles:  Marty McCormick
  • Surveyor: Chris Mavis, L.S.
  • Treasurer: Mark V. Chapin


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