Citizens Academy

Through a seven-week series, learn how county government works including topics like winter road plowing, light rail transit and property tax assessment. Participants will meet county leaders and learn about all the services the county provides. The series is free to the public. Participants must be at least 18.

The Spring 2015 session is full. To add your name to be notified for the Fall 2015 session, please click on “Notify for Fall 2015 Citizens Academy.”

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Session topics, materials and locations

The academy runs for seven weeks on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9 p.m., from March 25 through May 13, 2015.

Week 1: Your county government

Session held in Minnetonka.

Property tax fact sheets

Week 2: Sustainable development and transit, economic development and environmental services

Session held in downtown Minneapolis.

Week 3: Health and medical services

Session held in downtown Minneapolis.

Week 4: Human services

Session held in Brooklyn Center.

Week 5: Law enforcement and corrections

Session held in Plymouth.

Week 6: Emergency management, transportation and county fleet

Session held in Medina.

Week 7: County Attorney’s Office, 4th Judicial District Court, collaborations, volunteering and jobs

Session held in downtown Minneapolis.

History of Hennepin County

Hennepin County 1852 - 2002

This booklet was created to provide some of the historical highlights of Hennepin County's 150 years, as well as an overview of Hennepin County government. Reference copies of the booklet are available at Hennepin County Library. Search the site for "Hennepin County 1852 - 2002."

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