Growing for future generations

Hennepin County celebrates Arbor Day

Bloomington students plant 21 trees

This April, Hennepin County worked with Valley View Elementary and Middle School students in Bloomington to plant trees at the Hennepin County Library - Oxboro and on the middle school property. The students learned about Arbor Day, the benefits that trees provide, and how to properly plant a tree.

“The tree plantings were a great way for students to be involved with improving their community for future generations. Tree plantings help students become more observant about the trees around them and the benefits that trees provide,” Jen Kullgren, a Hennepin County forester, said.

Benefits of trees and forests

  • Improved air and water quality
  • Healthier communities
  • Expanded wildlife habitat
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased property values
  • Reduced stormwater runoff

More planting projects

Hennepin County transplants trees from its gravel-bed nursery to a variety of county projects and properties. Foresters will plant 1,500 trees this fall along county roadways and at other county properties. Many of these tree plantings will involve the community and will engage volunteers to help plant trees.

This May, the county will work with Tree Trust to support the Midtown Community Works 17th annual Arbor Day event, during which volunteers will plant the 5,000th tree along the Midtown Greenway.