West Broadway Avenue (County Road 103)

The West Broadway Avenue reconstruction project in Brooklyn Park extends from 78th Avenue to just north of 93rd Avenue (County Road 30). Additional reconstruction on 93rd Avenue between Highway 169 and West Broadway Avenue is also included as part of this project. 

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Public involvement

February 22, 2016 - city council approves layout

The Brooklyn Park City Council approved the West Broadway Avenue (County Road 103) and 93rd Avenue (County Road 30) preliminary layout 3. This layout represents a design near 20 percent complete. County and City staff will continue to develop the design in greater detail, including ways to minimize impacts to nearby property owners.

The city council also approved the municipal consent plans for Metropolitan Council's Blue Line extension light rail transit (BLRT) project throughout the city including the West Broadway Avenue corridor. After completion of the environmental study for the BLRT project, the county will begin work related to right-of-way acquisition.

September 23, 2015 neighborhood meeting - Maplebrook Intersection

The future design of the West Broadway and Maplebrook Parkway/Maplebrook Terrace intersection was discussed at this neighborhood meeting. Based on feedback from the public and analysis of the intersection, Hennepin County is recommending a traffic signal be included as part of the reconstruction project at this location. We anticipate presenting this design element as part of the preliminary layout to the City Council for approval in January or February 2016. 

    August 11, 2015 public meeting - Environmental review and METRO Blue Line Extension

    Brooklyn Park community members and business owners were invited to a joint open house to learn about the environmental review for the County Road 103 reconstruction project and get a project update on METRO Blue Line Extension light rail transit.

    Proposed improvements

    The project is currently in the preliminary design phase and includes reconstructing West Broadway to a continuous four-lane urban road with center median. The project includes constructing a paved multi-use trail along both sides of the roadway, an urban storm drainage system to collect and treat stormwater runoff and upgraded traffic signals. Power transmission lines will need to be shifted along the west side north of 89th Avenue. Other public and private utility improvements, which could include burying overhead utilities, are also being considered. A combination of county and city funds will be used to finance the project.

    The project’s design will also provide space to accommodate future transit improvements in the median of West Broadway, remaining consistent with the Metropolitan Council’s 2040 Transportation Policy Plan’s locally preferred alternative for the extension of Blue Line Light Rail Transit along the West Broadway corridor. As such, Hennepin County, Metropolitan Council and the City of Brooklyn Park are working together to coordinate community engagement related to all components of the roadway and light rail projects’ work in the Brooklyn Park area.




    • February 2016: Preliminary layout approval
    • 2016 - 2017: Prepare detail design construction plans
    • 1st half of 2016: Begin appraisal process
    • 2nd half of 2016: Begin offers & negotiations for land acquisition


    • Construction

    Project background

    The purpose of improving West Broadway is to enhance safety and mobility for all users under both the existing and future conditions. The project is primarily needed to address poor pavement conditions, enhance safety, improve traffic delays and capacity and accommodate transit service. Additionally, it is also needed to address the lack of bicycle and pedestrian accommodations along the corridor.

    West Broadway from Candlewood Drive to 85th Avenue is currently a four-lane road, but portions have minimal accommodations for turning. Crews completed the last major grading of the road in the mid 1950s and early 1960s. Several resurfacing projects have occurred since then, but the road needs to be reconstructed. The existing road is a mix of rural and urban street sections (some portions have curb and gutter while others have ditches). Shingle Creek crosses the road just north of Candlewood Drive. West Broadway from 85th Avenue to 93rd Avenue is primarily a two-lane undivided road with drainage ditches. The pavement is in fair condition, with pavement width varying considerably due to widening for turn lanes, shoulders and bypass lanes.


    City of Brooklyn Park

    Jeff Holstein, P.E., P.T.O.E
    City Transportation Engineer


    Metropolitan Council

    Blue Line Extension Project Office
    5514 West Broadway Avenue, Suite 200
    Crystal, MN 55428

    Phone: 612-373-5301


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