Washington Avenue (County Road 152)

Hennepin County in coordination with the City of Minneapolis, is preparing for the reconstruction of Washington Avenue South (County Road 152) between Hennepin Avenue and Fifth Avenue South.

The project received approval of the Preliminary Layout from the Minneapolis City Council on February 21, 2014. Detail design is in progress and is anticipated to be completed spring of 2015 for construction to begin summer of 2015. Current design details can be seen in Current Project Layout dated January 22, 2015. Outreach to property owners and other stakeholders will continue through detail design. A final public meeting is tentatively planned prior to construction beginning.

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Public involvement

A public meeting was held December 4, 2012 where input was received on existing conditions, challenges, opportunities, and preliminary alternatives. The second public meeting was held May 14, 2013 to gain public input on concept layout alternatives and urban design elements. Input was also gathered through online surveys and stakeholder meetings.

Public involvement part 2 summary report - July 2013 (PDF 12.1MB)

Public involvement part 1 summary report (PDF 18.7MB)

There was strong public input for a bicycle lane behind the curb to make it more accessible for bicyclists. The staff recommendation for the reconstruction project is shown in Preliminary Layout 3 dated January 30, 2014.

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Design concepts

Although construction will end at Fifth Avenue South, the design was created to include the rest of Washington Avenue to I-35W. The concept plans will provide guidance as future projects are identified and as funding becomes available. The concept plan is shown in the Preliminary Layout 3 dated January 30, 2014.


Current Project Layout - January 2015 (PDF 6.6MB)

Preliminary layout 3 - January 2014 (PDF 5.7MB)

Draft traffic operation analysis - Apr2013 (PDF 9MB)

Existing conditions layout - May2013 (PDF)

Land use context and typology - May2013 (PDF 5.4MB)

Area wide plan - May2013 (PDF 7.6MB)

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