Shady Oak Road (County Road 61) - Hopkins and Minnetonka

Hennepin County, in partnership with the cities of Hopkins and Minnetonka, is reconstructing County Road 61 (Shady Oak Road) from County Road 3 (Excelsior Boulevard) to approximately 1500 feet north of Highway 7. The project will add a travel lane in each direction, construct a sidewalk and a trail, realign the intersection with Highway 7, install a permanent traffic signal at Mainstreet and address flooding issues along the corridor.

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Construction updates

To finalize the new alignment at Highway 7, crews are currently working on medians on Highway 7. This work is expected to last into early November and be followed by a pavement resurfacing on the highway.

To facilitate the last of the major work items, there will be a traffic switch, currently scheduled for Monday, October 26. The signal at Mainstreet will be turned off at 9 a.m., in order to switch to the new signal. From Highway 7 to just south of Mainstreet, southbound traffic will be redirected onto the new southbound lanes. However, traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction allowing for median work.

Crews have also been working:

  • North of Highway 7, installing storm sewer
  • South of Highway 7, creating a storm water retention pond
  • At Mainstreet, removing the temporary signal
  • At Bradford Street, installing sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water main pipes
  • On the North Service Drive, pumping water in order to continue constructing the wall
  • On the Lake Street Circle, installing storm sewer and grading for the road

Additional work this fall

If the weather holds up, the community may see some other construction work happening in the area later in November as crews finalize some ditch, trail and pedestrian ramp work near the intersection of Highway 7 and Shady Oak Road. Otherwise, this work will happen in early spring.

Preparing for winter

We anticipate having Shady Oak Road complete from Highway 7 to Excelsior Boulevard in time for winter, with the exception of the final layer of pavement to be placed next year. The portion of Shady Oak Road north of Highway 7 should be open on the new alignment this fall. The Hopkins city streets (Second Street, 21st Avenue and West Park Road) are complete. The final layer of pavement will be placed on 21st Avenue by winter. Second Street and West Park Road had the final layer placed last fall. Lake Street Circle and the North Service Drive will be the last items completed and may be on temporary surface through the winter.

Project background

Shady Oak Road (County Road 61)

Complete road reconstruction, with utility improvements, will be from County Road 3 (Excelsior Boulevard) to 1000 feet north of Minnesota Highway 7. The utility improvements include water and sewer and private utility reconstructions, such as electric and gas.

The following intersections will be realigned with this project:

  • Highway 7
  • North Frontage Road
  • 2nd Street North/Lake Street Extension (the 2nd Street North leg only)

The intersection at West Park Road will be closed, a cul-de-sac area added at Wyndham Hill Drive and the intersection at Mainstreet will receive a new signal.

Highway 7

The intersection at County Road 61 (Shady Oak Road) will be realigned with this project. The concrete medians will be upgraded and a trail connection made to the 21st Avenue North neighborhood on the south side of the highway.

City street reconstruction

This project includes city improvements, including sewer and water replacement, for the following city streets:

  • 21st Avenue North from Mainstreet to 1st Street North
  • West Park Road from 2nd Street North to Wyndham Hill Drive
  • The alleyway behind the VFW Hall from Bradford Road to the north

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