Minnetonka Boulevard repaving and restriping

County Road 5 in Minnetonka

Hennepin County will be repaving Minnetonka Boulevard (County Road 5) between Larchwood Drive and the northbound I-494 on-ramps. 

The paving project provides an opportunity to complete striping changes in several areas.

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Public involvement

An open house was held on February 8, 2017, where residents were invited to meet with county and city staff to discuss this project.

Attendees had an opportunity to ask questions or share comments – either by speaking directly with staff or submitting them in writing.

If you were unable to attend, but would like to offer feedback on the project, contact:

  • Will Manchester

Project overview

This summer, Hennepin County is planning to repave the road near the Minnetonka Community Center as part of its pavement maintenance effort. During early discussions, the idea to restripe the road based on current use and to improve safety was discussed by the county and the City of Minnetonka.

From Martha Lane to just west of Williston Road (near The Marsh), Minnetonka Boulevard would be one traffic lane in each direction with a shared center lane for left turns. At the key locations of Tonkawood Road, Martha Lane and the Minnetonka Fire Department and Police Station entrance, there would be dedicated left-turn lanes.

The benefits of this restriping include:

  • narrowed lanes to encourage safer speeds
  • reduced issues with motorists going around turning vehicles
  • wider shoulders.

There may be additional refinement and enhancements as this project progresses.

Project layout (PDF)

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