Franklin Ave Bridge (County Road 5)

Reconditioning of the Franklin Ave Bridge (County Road 5) over West River Parkway and the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

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Design history


The new concept provides a non motorized crossing on the west end of the bridge. Currently no crossing exists at this end. This is intended to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. See the document below for layout for the west end of the bridge. 

Bridge plan west end (PDF)

Construction timeline

The county will close the bridge for four months for construction. The alternative is to do a staged construction that will last two construction seasons. Community groups in the area favored a four month closure, versus a prolonged construction period. 


The Franklin Avenue Bridge spans West River Parkway and the Mississippi River. This historic structure will be rehabilitated over the next two construction seasons.

The new bridge deck will incorporate safe, modern, multi-modal features such as separated on-road bicycle facilities, protected pedestrian walkways, overlook nooks, and architectural lighting.

The "below deck" concrete rehabilitation is anticipated to begin in April 2015. The bridge will be open during the 2015 construction season.

For travelers using West River Parkway and the easterly river edge trail under the Franklin Avenue Bridge, there may be some travel impacts as they complete the overhead concrete rehabilitation.

In 2015 the contractor will manufacture "precast" bridge deck panels that will be placed during the 2016 bridge closure. These panels will be made at a site, adjacent to the river, just south of the Washington Avenue Bridge. This will allow use of river transportation to float these panels down the river, and these segments will then be hoisted by water borne cranes into their final positions.

Deck removal and replacement will occur during the 2016 construction season with the goal of reopening the bridge in September 2016.

Hennepin County has established detour signing plans using alternative routes for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists during the bridge deck replacement phase. The alternative routes will be well communicated in Spring 2016.

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