Franklin Ave Bridge (County Road 5)

Hennepin County is reconditioning the Franklin Avenue Bridge (County Road 5) in Minneapolis. The bridge spans West River Parkway and the Mississippi River. Crews will rehabilitate this historic structure during two construction seasons. In 2016, the bridge will be closed to complete the work. 

Start date: Spring 2015

End date: Fall 2016

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Detours, closures and other updates

Impacts to boaters and recreational river users

Throughout the month of July, crews are installing a cofferdam under Franklin Avenue Bridge in the Mississippi River. A cofferdam is a watertight construction barrier designed for construction in areas that are normally submerged, such as bridges and piers. Crews will continue concrete restoration to the bridge piers below the water level once the cofferdam is complete. All boaters and recreational users of the river should be mindful of the construction area and steer clear of the site. 

West River Parkway closure extends south of Franklin Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis

West River Parkway has been closed north of the Franklin Avenue Bridge since June 2014 due to mudslide repair work that will be completed by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

The closure extension is needed for construction crews to restore the bridge and apply new concrete. Hennepin County is doing this work earlier in the project so that W. River Parkway can open over the winter months once this season’s bridge and mudslide repair work are complete.

To summarize the detours:

  • North on West River Parkway to east on Franklin Avenue: No change.
  • North on West River Parkway to west on Franklin Avenue: Follow E. 25th Street to S. 31st Avenue. Then take a left on Franklin Avenue.
  • East on Franklin Avenue to south on W. River Parkway: No change.
  • West on Franklin Avenue to south on W. River Parkway: Follow S. 31st Avenue to E. 25th Street and take a right on W. River Parkway.

View detour map (PDF)

Bicycle and pedestrian lanes

Starting June 29, contractors will be installing a platform underneath the Franklin Avenue Bridge. During platform installation, bike and pedestrian lanes will only be open on one side of the bridge; lane closures will alternate every few days. All pedestrians and bicyclists should watch for signs and use the correct side of the bridge each day.

Bicyclists and pedestrians will be routed along a side of the bridge deck. Bicyclists should use the on-road bike lane behind the concrete barriers that separate traffic from the work zone. Pedestrians will have a sidewalk for use. Bicyclists and pedestrians will need to follow signs for available access.

Lane diagram of bridge

Once the platform is installed under the bridge, crews will continue concrete restoration. Work on the platform installation will occur over the next three weeks.

West River Parkway trail

The contractor continues working at pier one along the West River Parkway trail system. Concrete rehabilitation work will involve use of chiseling hammers. The Franklin Avenue Bridge will remain open during this activity.

The West River Parkway trail is closed on the south end of the Franklin Avenue Bridge. A marked detour is provided.

West River Parkway trail is currently closed by the Minneapolis Park Board for slope repairs. More information can be found on the park board website

East River Parkway trail

The Lower East River Parkway trail is closed between the “East River Flats” (University of Minnesota Boathouse) and Cecil Street.  The Upper East Parkway trail will remain open.

Work at the Bohemian Flats

A temporary construction site at Bohemian Flats continues to be converted for the manufacturing of precast deck panels. These panels will form the new Franklin Avenue Bridge deck in 2016.

1889 remnant piers removed

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 Hennepin County Commissioner McLaughlin, Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Vreeland, and Minnesota State Representative Kahn joined project staff for a river tour of the remnant piers.

During the tour, the elected officials accepted the concept of salvaging the 1889 remnant pier blocks and re-locating to the "Bohemian Flats" area within Minneapolis Park Board property on the western bank of the river. The salvaging process of the pier blocks was completed on June 24, 2015.

Project background

Restoration work continues on the Franklin Avenue Bridge. Crews are working to restore the bridge to the original 1923 production.

The new bridge deck will incorporate safe, modern, multimodal features such as separated on-road bike lanes, walkways, overlook nooks, and architectural lighting.


The new concept provides a non motorized crossing on the west end of the bridge. Currently no crossing exists at this end. This is intended to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. See the document below for layout for the west end of the bridge. 

Bridge plan west end (PDF)

Construction timeline

The 2015 season will include below deck concrete rehabilitation. This work will require the installation of a working platform under the bridge. To attach this platform, workers will need to close the outer lanes of the bridge so that construction vehicles can have access to the underdeck and rehabilitation.

In 2015 the contractor will manufacture "precast" bridge deck panels that will be placed during the 2016 bridge closure. These panels will be made at a site, adjacent to the river, just south of the Washington Avenue Bridge. This will allow use of river transportation to float these panels down the river, and these segments will then be hoisted by water borne cranes into their final positions.

During the 2016 construction season, the bridge will be closed for complete deck removal and replacement. A marked detour will be provided during this closure. A detailed closure timeline will be provided before the actual closure.

Signed detours will be provided for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists during the bridge deck replacement. 

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