Douglas Drive reconstruction

County Road 102 in Golden Valley

Hennepin County, in partnership with the City of Golden Valley, is reconstructing Douglas Drive (County Road 102) from Highway 55 to Medicine Lake Road (County Road 70). County reconstruction work began in July 2016 and is scheduled to be complete November 2017.

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Current work

Streetscape improvements continue

Streetscape improvements are nearing completion on last year’s reconstruction from Medicine Lake Road (County Road 70) to Duluth Street (County Road 66).

Crews have finished pouring sidewalks and medians, as well as installed new street light fixtures. Also, traffic signal system installations at the Douglas Drive intersections at Duluth Street and Medicine Lake Road are almost complete. The new system will feature accessible signals to accommodate pedestrians with disabilities

Beginning in mid-July, the City of Golden Valley will begin landscaping along Douglas Drive from Medicine Lake Road to Duluth Street.

Milling and paving operations for two segments begins Saturday, July 22

On Saturday, July 22, crews will begin milling both Medicine Lake Road (County Road 70) and Duluth Street intersections in preparation for final paving at Douglas Drive from Medicine Lake Road to Duluth Street, and at Duluth Street from Douglas Drive to Adair Avenue.

Road milling is a process where at least a part of paved area is removed by a grinding action of a large milling machine. The goal of milling is to remove the top layer so that the final layer of pavement or "wear course" can be placed evenly throughout the roadway.

Road users will experience intermittent lane restrictions when milling operations begin. We anticipate work to last a day.

Weather permitting, construction crews will begin paving the final wear course on Wednesday, July 26.

This work is expected to last around two days. Once complete, the newly paved roads will have temporary lane markings for ten days before crews can begin final striping of the roadway. Once ten days pass, striping operations will be completed under normal traffic conditions. As a result, road users should anticipate delays and intermittent lane restrictions.

Soil improvement work continues on Douglas Drive

In early July, construction crews began subcutting operations from Duluth Street (County Road 66) to Winsdale Street. This is an important step in rebuilding the road after all underground work is done.

Subcutting is a soil correction procedure that removes the poor soil beneath a roadway and replaces it with sand. The subcut is typically three feet below the surface of the new street. Once sand is placed, it is spread evenly and compacted to increase density and provide extra strength for the future road. Sand also allows for better drainage than native soils, which is an important component in extending the life of the pavement. Poor drainage can cause issues such as potholes and road heaving.

Once sand is compacted, aggregate (rocky mixture) from recycled pavement will be placed on top of the sand. Grading work will follow before installing new curbs, gutters and pavement.

Once subcutting work is completed on Douglas Drive from Olympia Street to Duluth Street, crews will create a temporary through lane for local traffic by Tuesday, July 25.

Subcutting operations are expected to complete by the early August.

subcut - sand

Crews move the first layer, or "lift", of sand into the ground as they continue efforts to rebuild the roadway on Douglas Drive.

subcut - compacting

Next, a steel drum roller is used to compact the first lift of sand.

subcut - watering

Afterwards, crews spray water onto the first lift of sand to improve compaction before placing the second lift of sand.

Utility work continues on Golden Valley Road intersection

Private utility work are progressing on removing old, unused gas lines and service line burial underground. Work continues along

Construction crews will begin replacing and installing watermain, sanitary and storm sewer pipe at the Golden Valley Road intersection. Utility work will continue for up to a month before construction of the new roundabout begins at the Golden Valley Road intersection.

Dust, noise and vibrations in the construction area

Crews will be using large construction equipment throughout construction, creating dust, noise and slight vibrations. Dust, noise and vibrations are a normal part of a construction project. The project team is working in accordance with noise ordinances set by the City of Golden Valley. The team also has a vibration control plan to make sure that vibrations stay within standard acceptable limits. Dust is being monitored and controlled in order to keep levels at a minimum.

If you have concerns or questions about noise and/or vibrations, please contact the project at 612-543-3485.

Closures and traffic access

Closure to through traffic

Douglas Drive (County Road 102) is closed to through traffic between Duluth Street (County Road 66) and Golden Valley Road. Access to this segment of roadway is for local traffic only and is anticipated to be completed by the end of August. The purpose of this closure is to reconstruct the roadway and complete various utility improvements along the corridor.

For everyone's safety, please use the detour if your destination is outside the work area. The detour follows Duluth Street, Highway 100, and Olson Memorial Highway (Highway 55).

Douglas Drive detour

Printable detour map (PDF)

Golden Valley Road to Frontage Road closed to through traffic

On Tuesday, June 13, Douglas Drive closed to through traffic from Golden Valley Road to just north of the Frontage Road as crews began reconstruction in the area.

The work will be extensive as crews will construct a new roundabout at the Golden Valley Road intersection. They will also replace underground utilities for water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer to meet the latest environmental and health safety standards.

When dirt is back in place, they will rebuild curbs and gutters. New sidewalks and trails designed to better address community needs will be finished. Then, blacktop pavement will be added.

Alternate routes and signage will be provided for the businesses in the industrial park via the Frontage Road. All through traffic are encouraged to use the detour route that includes Highway 55, Highway 100 and Duluth Street (County Road 66).

Please anticipate heavy construction work and full road closures in this area until early September.

Access for local traffic

The project team will be maintaining access for residents and businesses along the construction areas of Douglas Drive and Duluth Street. They will provide signed detours for any closures and rerouting that are needed. In general, the following are expected:

  • A through lane for local traffic on Douglas Drive from Olympia Street to Duluth Street will open by Tuesday, July 25.
  • For apartment complexes and condominiums along Douglas Drive, access to side streets will be provided for residents. Entry signage will be posted along side streets to guide residents. Please note that the entry signage can move on a daily basis depending on where crews are working.
  • At least one pedestrian access route will be maintained at all times, unless there are safety concerns.

It is important to follow the speed limits and signs, and stay alert in this area, including during evenings and weekends. Traffic changes, construction crews, equipment and work areas near the roadway will require extra attention from road users.

Work zone conditions

Please remember throughout the work zone, we have removed pavement and are working with dirt. This means that roads will be more challenging to drive through. While we continue to try to keep things driveable, weather – especially heavy rains – can create challenges. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. If you have questions or concerns regarding the road conditions, please contact the project at 612-543-3485.

Metro Transit during construction

As a result of the Douglas Drive reconstruction project, there are changes to Metro Transit bus stops and route detours.

The best way to stay updated on bus stop changes and route detours is to visit Metro Transit's rider alerts website at Riders can also follow the instructions posted at the bus stops or contact the Metro Transit hotline at 612-373-3333.

Construction schedule

2017 schedule


  • Reconstruction of Duluth Street from Douglas Drive to Adair Avenue
  • Reconstruction of Douglas Drive from Duluth Street to Golden Valley Road. This includes a new signal system at Duluth Street and a new railroad crossing
  • Completion of pond work and culvert reconstruction, including reconstruction of box culvert between Phoenix Street and Golden Valley Road


  • Reconstruction of Douglas Drive from Golden Valley Road to Highway 55 Frontage Road. This includes a new roundabout at the Golden Valley Road intersection and a new signal system at the Highway 55 Frontage Road intersection


  • Reconstruction of Douglas Drive from Highway 55 Frontage Road to Highway 55. This includes a new signal system at the Highway 55 and Douglas Drive intersection, which will require temporary lane closings.

2017 staging plan

Timeline map

Download a printable version of this staging plan graphic here (JPG)

Learn more

The Douglas Drive corridor project will reconstruct nearly two miles of Douglas Drive between Olson Memorial Highway and Medicine Lake Road (County Road 70). This project will create a safer and more efficient road for all users by improving connectivity, traffic flow, pedestrian safety and aesthetics.

The 2016-17 reconstruction project will be done in partnership with the City of Golden Valley and will feature:

  • Additional turn lanes
  • Improved sidewalks
  • Redesigned intersections
  • Widened right-of-ways for shoulders and bike lanes
  • Relocated utilities
  • New streetlights and landscaping
  • New roundabouts at Sandburg Lane and Golden Valley Road.

What are the benefits of roundabouts?

Roundabouts offer many benefits over intersections controlled by traffic signals or stop signs, and are becoming more prevalent on Hennepin County roads and are growing in popularity.

Some of the ways that roundabouts offer benefits over controlled intersections are that it:

  • Lower traffic speeds
  • Improves traffic flow by promoting continuous flow of traffic
  • Shorter crosswalks for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Increases safety as traffic moves in only one direction, virtually eliminating the possibility for T-bone and head-on collisions

While roundabouts may seem narrow to many drivers, the lane widths are designed to accommodate all types of vehicles including trucks, emergency vehicles, school buses and snow plows.

Why are the center island of roundabout being built up?

The main reason why modern roundabouts have a raised center island is primarily for safety. The raised island keeps the driver's focus on the left line of sight for vehicles, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, when driving into and through the roundabout. It also enhances a driver’s recognition of the upcoming roundabout and island.

More information on the history of the project can be found on the City of Golden Valley website.

Public involvement

Previous events

The City of Golden Valley, in partnership with Hennepin County, hosted an open house for the Douglas Drive reconstruction project on March 28, 2017. The open house focused on providing residents and businesses with information on the 2017 reconstruction from Duluth Street to Highway 55.

The City of Golden Valley, in partnership with Hennepin County, hosted an open house for the Douglas Drive reconstruction project on May 19, 2016. The open house focused on providing residents and businesses with information on the 2016 reconstruction from Medicine Lake Road to Duluth Street.

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