Lake Drive (County Road 9) Robbinsdale

Hennepin County is reconstructing Lake Drive (County Road 9) between Lakeview and Xerxes Avenues in Robbinsdale. The roadway will have improved features for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

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Construction updates

Major road construction activities along County Road 9 (Lake Drive) in the city of Robbinsdale were completed during 2015 construction season. The roadway is now open to all traffic.

Additional minor work is anticipated along the corridor during the next several weeks. Please exercise caution while driving through the construction zone.

Project background

Work to be completed

Improvements include a new road surface and curbs, improved rain and snow drainage, upgraded sanitary sewer and watermain systems, improved sidewalks, better lighting, landscaping and new bike lanes.

Project approvals

The preliminary design phase concluded with preliminary plan (layout) approval by each city council. The Minneapolis City Council approved the portion of the preliminary layout that is located within the Minneapolis city limits or Victory Memorial Park on September 23, 2011. The Robbinsdale City Council approved Preliminary Layout 1C on April 17, 2012. Council acceptance was contingent upon approval of variances for minimum turn lane and parking lane widths by the State Aid Variance Committee. The Variance Committee approved the requested variances on June 28, 2012. Now that the preliminary layout has been approved, the detail design has started and includes development of the detailed project construction plans. It is anticipated that the roadway project construction will commence in spring, 2014 with substantial completion in fall, 2015.

Project location map (PDF)

Preliminary layout 1C - 2/17/12 (PDF 7.5MB)


Utility coordination with private utility owners such as the gas, power, and telephone companies has occurred and will continue to occur throughout the detail design phase. Environmental studies of the corridor are also occurring as part of the detail design phase. These studies supply valuable information regarding the corridor subsurface, groundwater, and surface water. Subsurface exploration started the summer of 2012 (a crew will drill in the roadway to obtain soil samples) and will continue as needed to determine utility and roadway support in areas where peat deposits have been discovered.

Public involvement 

An informational open house meeting was held February 24, 2011 at Robbinsdale City Hall. Meeting attendees had an opportunity to review the preliminary plan and to ask questions or discuss project issues and concerns with staff from Hennepin County and the City of Robbinsdale.

Attendees were also encouraged to complete comment sheets at the meeting or to take the sheets home and return them at a later date.

A preliminary layout was developed after additional meetings with neighborhood groups and individuals.

Comment sheet forms (PDF)

Project newsletter #1 - spring 2012 (PDF)

Project newsletter # 2 - summer 2012 (PDF)


City of Robbinsdale

Richard McCoy, P.E., Public Works Director/City Engineer

Phone: 763-531-1260

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