Bottineau Boulevard reconstruction

County Road 81 between 63rd and West Broadway avenues in Brooklyn Park

Reconstruction of Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) between 63rd Avenue to West Broadway Avenue (County Road 8) began in 2016.

This is one of five segments of County Road 81 the county is currently reconstructing. Improvements along the corridor include additional lanes, better access and connection to side streets and frontage roads, crosswalks, new traffic signal systems and improved stormwater systems. These improvements will make the road safer for all users, provide better traffic flow and reduce congestion and delays.

The Metropolitan Council is also developing the METRO Blue Line Extension (Bottineau LRT) along this road.

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Current work

Beginning Tuesday, September 5, there will be a traffic switch on Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) in Brooklyn Park.

The reason for this traffic switch is to separate north and southbound traffic into their proper lanes and allow for median work to be completed. Currently, all traffic is driving on the northbound lanes. When completed, northbound traffic will drive on the north lanes, and southbound traffic will drive on the south lanes.

As part of this, the north and south ramps of I-694 to Bottineau Boulevard and the intersection of West Broadway Avenue (County Road 8) and Bottineau Boulevard will become four way stops.

There will be police presence at the south ramp and West Broadway intersection during morning rush hour.

This switch is expected to last one day. There will be no closure or detour, but expect traffic delays.

Noise wall barrier

As part of this project, Hennepin County will be constructing a traffic noise barrier along the east side of Bottineau Boulevard from north of 63rd Avenue to Interstate 94/Interstate 694 (I-94/I-694).

The following materials were shared at a neighborhood meeting on January 24, 2016. The notice was sent to property owners/resident that would receive a noise benefit (a reduction of traffic noise of at least 5 decibels).

The noise wall solicitation period ended on January 29, 2016. The majority of the nearby residents were in favor of a noise wall along the east side of Bottineau Boulevard from north of 63rd Avenue to I-94/I-694. The noise wall will be approximately 20 feet tall and approximately 1,960 feet long. It will be constructed of concrete posts and wooden planks.

Project leadership and partners

Hennepin County

City of Brooklyn Park

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Three Rivers Park District

Blue Line Extension

Metro Transit

  • Demetairs Bell
  • Juan Rangel
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