Surplus property

Current auctions and sales

The county sells surplus property (e.g., land and buildings) that’s available for public purchase, by sealed bids and requests for proposals. Other surplus property (e.g., furniture, equipment, and vehicles) is sold via online and live auctions. The county sells items "as is" and all sales are final.

Questions about land or building sales should go to the contact in the sealed bid or request for proposal. Questions about auctions or a listing in a specific auction should go to the auction contractors.

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Live auctions

Live vehicle auctions

  • The state of Minnesota manages the county's live vehicle auctions. A proposed list of items will be posted on the state's website. Visit the State of Minnesota auction website.
  • Can include ambulances, county cars/trucks/vans, police cars, medium duty trucks, confiscated/seized vehicles

Live equipment auctions

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