Homestead is a classification of property that is occupied by an owner or relative of the owner, and is used as a primary place of residence. For properties valued at less than $413,800, a portion of the property’s value is excluded from tax.

Owners must apply for homestead. Homestead classification remains until the property is sold or the owner or relative no longer uses it as a primary place of residence.

If there has been a change in homestead status in the past year please review this important property tax homestead notice (PDF).

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To qualify

  • You must own the property, or be a relative or in-law of the owner (son, daughter, parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew).
  • You or your relative must occupy the property as the primary place of residence.
  • You must be a Minnesota resident. If the occupant is a relative of the owner, the owner does not have to be a Minnesota resident.
  • Married couples are considered "one unit" for the purpose of homestead. Applications must include information for both spouses, even if just one name appears on the deed.
  • You can receive homestead status for more than one property, if a relative uses a second home owned by you as their primary residence.
  • You must file a Certificate of Real Estate Value for homestead status to be granted.
  • Those who are blind and disabled may qualify for special homestead status. See the Blind and disabled persons section of this page.

How to apply

Complete an application and submit it, along with a copy of your deed (including the legal description).

Apply in person

  • The city office where you live
  • The Hennepin County Assessor's Office, A-2103 Government Center (Map)

Apply by mail

  • The city office where you live
  • Hennepin County Assessor

Hennepin County Assessor
A-2103 Government Center
Minneapolis, MN 55487

After you apply you will receive a homestead card, which you must return through the mail.


Event Deadline
Manufactured home applications due March 29
Blind and disabled applications due October 1
Last day to own and occupy to homestead in current year December 1
Residential and agricultural last day to apply December 15

Blind and disabled persons

If you are blind or permanently and totally disabled and both own and homestead your property, state law allows a reduced property tax rate for you.

The reduced tax classification rate is specific to the person and the disabling condition, and the classification can follow the disabled person from one property to another.

Your Truth in Taxation Statement and Property Tax Statement should reflect the appropriate homestead classification.

Removing your homestead status

If you sell, move, or for any reason no longer qualify for homestead, you must notify the county assessor within 30 days. Failure to do so results in recalculation of tax as non-homestead, and could include a penalty equal to 100 percent of the homestead benefits.

Complete and return the notice of move form (PDF) to either:

  • The city office where you live
  • Hennepin County Assessor

Hennepin County Assessor
A-2103 Government Center
Minneapolis, MN 55487

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