File for office

Filing for office is how you get your name on a ballot. Requirements vary depending on: the office you are running for, whether the office is partisan or non-partisan, and whether you are running as a member of a major political party.

When you file, you will receive a packet with standard candidate filing information and possibly information particular to your jurisdiction and office as well.

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Affidavit of candidacy and nominating petitions

Complete the affidavit of candidacy

In order to file for office, you need to fill out an affidavit of candidacy (PDF). See the Where to file section of this page to learn where to file the affidavit.

Complete a nominating petition

If you are running as a member of a major political party (Democratic-Farmer-Labor, Independence, or Republican) or for a nonpartisan office, you do not need to file a nominating petition.

If you are running for a partisan office but not as a member of a major political party, then you must file a nominating petition (PDF) with the required number of signatures. The number of signatures you need depends on what office you are running for. For county or legislative offices, you need 500 signatures. The signatures must be of eligible voters who live in the district, and you must obtain the signatures during the filing period.

Where to file

  • Federal offices – the Minnesota Secretary of State
  • State and judicial offices – either the Minnesota Secretary of State or the county in which you reside
  • County offices - Hennepin County elections (includes Hennepin County Commissioner, Park Commissioner of the Three Rivers Park District, and Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor)
  • City offices - the city clerk
  • School district offices - the school district clerk
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