West and East 46th Street (County Road 46)

Between Lyndale and Cedar avenues

Hennepin County recently repaved 46th Street (County Road 46) between Lyndale and Cedar avenues. The paving project provides improvements for vehicular traffic, bicyclists and pedestrians.

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Proposed reconfiguration

East of Nicollet Avenue

46th Street will be changed to a three lane configuration with one traffic lane in each direction and a shared center turn lane. Bike lanes will be added on both sides and on-street parking will be removed.

West of Nicollet Avenue

46th Street will retain two lanes with one lane in each direction. Bike lanes will be added in both directions and parking on the south side of the road will be removed.

There may be additional refinements and enhancements in the future.

View the full 46th Street Cedar to Lyndale project layout (PDF 16MB).


  • Narrowed lanes for vehicles to encourage safer speeds
  • Dedicated lanes for bicyclists
  • Pedestrian buffer space from vehicular traffic provided by new bike lanes
  • Improved striping to help travelers navigate the roadway safely
  • Improved traffic flow from the center lane moving turning vehicles out of the way
  • Greatly reduced number of conflicts from vehicles maneuvering around turning traffic

Planners and engineers expect the new design will decrease conflicts and potential crashes by half, while also adding features to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Public involvement

The final design of this project was based heavily on input from area communities, residents and stakeholders. Many expressed interest in creating a safer and more pleasant experience for all road users, especially pedestrians and bicyclists.

A working group studied transportation issues in this area and considered possible measures that could be implemented with the paving project. The group consisted of representatives from the Field Regina Northrup, Kingfield and Tangletown Neighborhood associations, as well as city and county staff. Local businesses and property owners were also engaged in this process.

Thank you to all who contributed to the planning of the new 46th Street!

Outreach timeline

2016 outreach

A working group was established to study transportation issues in the area and to examine actions which could be implemented with the paving project.

In April 2016, information about the project was available to those who attended the Field Regina Northrop annual meeting.

In May 2016, the project attended the following to get statements of support:

  • May 11: Kingfield/Tangletown neighborhood association meeting
  • May 16: Tangletown board meeting
  • May 18: Field Regina Northrop board meeting

2015 outreach

On October 21, 2015, residents and business owners were invited to an informational open house to share their thoughts and observations to help guide the study and planning of the 46th Street resurfacing project. A map of the area was displayed to allow posting of comments and to identify problem areas. Hennepin County staff also provided information on existing traffic volumes, crash history and background on previous ideas for improvement.

Open house invite (PDF)

Open house display boards (PDF)

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