Biking and walking

Hennepin County is committed to supporting livable communities and healthy citizens. By encouraging bicycling and walking as an integral part of daily life, the county supports environmentally-responsible, cost-effective, and healthy ways to travel.

Hennepin County seeking new alternate members for the County's Bicycle Advisory Committee

Interested in playing a role in building Hennepin County’s bicycle infrastructure?

Want to bring your experience and knowledge to bicycle projects as they are being planned?

Want to be in a position to officially advise County Commissioners and staff on matters relating to bicycling?

If yes, then please consider applying to be an alternate member of the Hennepin County Bicycle Advisory Committee.

The Hennepin County Bicycle Advisory Committee was established in 1989 to assist the Board of Commissioners and county staff to promote and expand the use of bicycles for safe and convenient transportation and recreation purposes in the county.

Committee members and alternates meet the 3rd Monday of every month.

This volunteer committee is made of up seven members and seven alternate members. To qualify, applicants must:

  • Be a resident of Hennepin County in commissioner districts
  • Have an interest in promoting the use of the bicycle for transportation and recreation
  • Make a commitment to attend monthly meetings and participate in the work of the committee

Members and alternates are appointed to a 3-year term.

If you are interested, please fill out the BAC application (DOCX) and submit it to Kelley Yemen at


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Bicycle planning

Bike plan public comment period through December 5

In October 2014, the county and Three Rivers Park District released a draft version of a bicycle transportation plan that emphasizes ways to make bicycling safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. The plan guides how, where and when the county and the parks district will build bikeways, and outlines an integrated system that will be developed through 2040.

The county and park district began gathering input from the community, cities and other stakeholders in June 2013. Now that the draft plan is complete, they are seeking additional comments from the public through December 5, 2014. The county board will consider adopting the final bike plan in early 2015.

Review and download the

2040 Hennepin County Bicycle Transportation Plan (PDF 8MB)

Submit your comments by:


Phone: 612-543-1963

Mail: Hennepin County Bike Plan

701 Fourth Ave S, Suite 400, Mail Code L608

Minneapolis, MN 55415

Pedestrian plan

The county has created its first official pedestrian plan. The goal is to increase walking and pedestrian safety throughout the county’s roadway system by creating a plan that will include strategies to support walking through infrastructure, facilities, enforcement, education and evaluation.

The pedestrian plan will ultimately become part of the overall 2030 transportation systems plan, as well as complement the county’s Complete Streets policy. Creation of the plan was funded by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Community Transformation grant and the Statewide Health Improvement Program.

Pedestrian plan (PDF 10MB)

Pedestrian plan appendix (PDF 10MB)

Pedestrian plan priorities map (PDF)

Public comment report (PDF)

Plan for ADA Access and Transition

The county has developed a plan to make highways and roads more accessible, as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The public comment period for the plan is now closed. Staff are reviewing and incorporating comments to the draft plan. After the review is final, the plan will be submitted to the county board for approval. The plan involves a review of current policies, practices, and infrastructure, and outlines how the county will continue to provide accessibility on sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks, multi-use trails, and at traffic signals. Read an electronic version of the plan (PDF).

For more information, contact Jason Pieper, Hennepin County ADA implementation engineer, at or by phone at 612-596-0241.

Bicycle systems gap study

The bicycle system gap study is recognition of the significant strides that have been made since the county adopted its Bicycle Transportation Plan in 1996. As many miles of county, regional park district, and city bikeway facilities have been built, focus needs to be directed to ensuring that these systems interconnect. In addition, attention needs to be aimed at locations that continue to be a barrier to bicycle travel such as freeway interchanges, major river crossings, and other missing segments of the bicycle system.

This report documents the identification and prioritization of gaps in the overall bicycle transportation system. An implementation plan that puts special emphasis on closing these gaps is included.

Bicycle system gap study (PDF)

As a result of ongoing analysis of the Hennepin County Bicycle System, the county continues to identify additional gaps in the system and identifies them in the Bicycle Gap map.

Bicycle gap map (PDF)

Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC)

Hennepin County BAC

In 1989, Hennepin County established an advisory group, called the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) to assist the Board of Commissioners and county staff to promote and expand the use of bicycles for safe and convenient transportation and recreation purposes in the county.

Each Hennepin County Commissioner appoints one voting member and one alternate member to serve for a three year term. The BAC also has a number of ex-officio members that represent other government agencies in Hennepin County. A number of the members are affiliated with area biking organizations and advocacy groups such as the Twin Cities Bicycle Club, Minnesota Coalition of Bicyclists, The Cedar Lake Park Association, and The Midtown Greenway Coalition.

Current membership

  1. Pete Hall - District 1 (Opat), alternate Monica Vogel
  2. Dacia Durham - District 2 (Higgins), alternate Billy Binder
  3. Dave Carlson, Chair - District 3 (Greene), alternate Adjoa Akofio-Sowah
  4. Marcy Levine - District 4 (McLaughlin), alternate Hokan
  5. David Gepner - District 5 (Johnson), alternate Kay Mitchell
  6. Mark Brill - District 6 (Callison), alternate OPEN SEAT
  7. Greg Anderson - District 7 (Johnson), alternate OPEN SEAT

The BAC meets on a monthly basis at various locations around Hennepin County. Discussion items include the status of current projects, bicycle issues, and planning studies. A bicycle tour of the local area sometimes follows each meeting.

Contacts for more information

Kelley Yemen, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

Phone: (612) 543-1963


Upcoming meeting

DATE:           Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TIME:            4 to 6 p.m.

LOCATION:   701 S 4th Avenue, Room 1201, Minneapolis, MN 55415


Meeting minutes

BAC meeting minutes December 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes November 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes October 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes September 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes August 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes July 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes June 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes May 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes April 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes March 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes February 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes January 2014 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes December 2013 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes November 2013 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes October 2013 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes September 2013 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes August 2013 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes July 2013 (PDF)

BAC meeting minutes June 2013 (PDF)

BAC Meeting Minutes May 2013 (PDF)

BAC Meeting Minutes March 2013 (PDF)

BAC Meeting Minutes February 2013 (PDF)

(No January or April Meeting for 2013)

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