East 46th Street bridge over the Godfrey Parkway

County Road 46 in Minneapolis

Hennepin County, in partnership with the city of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, is replacing a bridge on East 46th Street (County Road 46) over the Godfrey Parkway. The bridge is located in the Grand Rounds district just west of the Ford Bridge spanning the Mississippi River.

The new bridge will be wider to better accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and commuters.

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Current work

Eastbound lanes on Godfrey Bridge taking shape

Recently, the Godfrey Bridge reconstruction project reached an important milestone: crews completed foundational and structural work along eastbound lanes.

Starting Thursday, June 1, crews will focus their attention on preparing the bridge deck surface.

The work will be extensive. To accomplish the task, large equipment are needed on site in order for crews to mix and pour in new concrete onto the bridge deck. For safety reasons, pedestrians and bicyclists will be detoured onto nearby Minnehaha Regional Park trails. Signs will guide users along the detour. Please note, the timing of trail reopening is subject to change based on weather conditions.

Crews will be pouring in concrete for the new road surface and sidewalk, which will need 28 days to properly cure in order to strengthen the concrete surface. After the curing period, work will begin on installing new street lights and safety railings followed by striping.

It is anticipated that eastbound lanes will reopen to traffic in July. Then, crews will begin reconstruction on westbound lanes of Godfrey Bridge.

The current schedule is weather dependent.

Deck pour preparations

Crews begin pouring concrete onto the bridge deck.

Deck pour finish

Concrete is smoothed along the first portion of the bridge deck. Once complete, the concrete will need 28 days to cure in order for the surface to reach proper strength levels.

Projects happening nearby

Just east of the project, Ramsey County is currently working on improvements of Ford Parkway (County Road 42) in Saint Paul. Their work includes road maintenance and pedestrian improvements throughout the parkway, as well as bridge maintenance work on the Mississippi River. For more information, please visit Ramsey County’s Ford Parkway project page.

Closures and traffic access

Traffic changes

East 46th Street

East 46th Street (County Road 46) is reduced to one lane in each direction between the west end of the Ford Parkway bridge and 46th Avenue South.

Godfrey Parkway

Motorized traffic

Godfrey Parkway is closed to all motorized through traffic.

The detour for Godfrey Parkway uses Minnehaha Avenue, 44th Street and West River Parkway.

The closure is necessary to replace the 46th Street bridge over the parkway (sometimes referred to as the Godfrey Bridge). The closure will continue through fall 2017. There may be temporary re-openings, including for special events.

Bicyclists and pedestrians

Bicycle and pedestrian trails under the Godfrey Bridge will remain open unless stated otherwise due to construction.

If open, please exercise caution as you go through the area. Detour trails will still be available to users until the project is completed.

Future changes

There will be times when the traffic configurations on 46th Street and Godfrey Parkway need to change. Sign up for updates to stay informed of these changes.

Public involvement

An informational open house for the Godfrey Parkway Bridge project was held on May 3, 2016.

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Opened to traffic in 1926, the existing bridge is a three-span concrete beam bridge spanning 77 feet. It is a four-lane bridge with no shoulders and minimal pedestrian accommodations.

The structure was rehabilitated in 1972, when the deck was widened to its current 64 feet. In 2000, it was resurfaced. Current sufficiency rating for the bridge is 33.4 out of a possible 100.

A single span structure was selected for the new bridge to help improve the safety and aesthetics of the Godfrey Parkway, but historic features from the old structure along with characteristics from surrounding parkway infrastructure will be incorporated as well.

Image of span (JPG)

Existing versus proposed span (PDF)

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