Geo:Code 2017

Our most recent event was held March 4 - 5, 2017

Hennepin County Central Library
Minneapolis, MN

A community-generated conference to connect residents with Hennepin County and open data.

Who is Geo:Code for?

Geo:Code is for everyone: residents, government personnel, novices, experts, technologists and non-technologists. This event is for anybody who wants to learn, discuss, and brainstorm about government data and technology. Whether you are a student, an artist, an educator, a developer, a parent, a GIS professional or a business owner you are welcome.

Event details

Over the past three years, discussions, sessions, and projects covered topics as diverse as service design, accessibility, transit and bicycle mapping, recreation, an app to reach representatives, finding free, public meeting spaces, lo-fi prototyping, usability, food access, arts integration, and why data matters to non-technology community.

The format is part County Camp and part Code Space. The County Camp is a modified unconference format and participants will help set the agenda. Participants don’t need any technology to participate. The Code Space is a where participants can pick a project or problem to tackle it with a team. If attendees plan to code, they should bring any technology needed such as a laptop or tablet. Participants are welcome to partake in any or all tracks and to switch between tracks during the weekend.

county camp icon

County Camp

Presentations and conversations about open data, geography and civic engagement

  • Some will be led by county staff and some by members of the community
  • Everyone is welcome to lead discussions or give presentations, collaborate with others, or all of the above
code space icon

Code Space

Code-a-thon teams will form to build an app or website that uses open data

  • As in previous Geo:Code events, open space for teams to form and work on tech projects
  • Everyone is welcome to join as a team to start a project or build a tool that leverages open data


County Camp

View the 2017 County Camp presentation schedule and notes.

Code Space

Three teams planned, coded, and problem-solved during the weekend.

  • OMG Transit worked on an app conceived at the first Geo:Code to help residents get real-time transit information.
  • Project Sweetie Pie, which was launched at the second Geo:Code, continued work to revitalize North Minneapolis.
  • A new group worked on coding an enhanced childcare database to meet parents’ needs.

About Geo:Code

A forum combining community, geography and technology

Geo:Code brings the community together to examine and address concerns of their shared geography and open data.

Participants are encouraged to brainstorm on such questions as:

  • What does really good open government data look like?

  • How can we make government websites and applications secure and usable, enabling residents to confidently access services online?

  • How do we use open data to create more inclusive public services and opportunity for all?

  • How can we improve the government/resident relationship, and begin worthwhile conversations?

History of Geo:Code

Learning resources

Hennepin County and Open Twin Cities are proud to partner to offer this event.

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  • hennepin county library logo

Please note the OTC Code of Conduct and the Hennepin County Library Patron Conduct Policy

Geo:Code is dedicated to a harassment-free community and event experience for everyone.

  • Be kind to one another.
  • Do not insult or put down other community members or event attendees.
  • Behave civilly.

Geo:Code is part of Hennepin County's open government initiative

Andrew Rose
Event coordinator

Meg Knodl
Media contact