Short-term disability insurance

Short-term disability is designed to supplement other leave benefits after all but 80 hours of leave time have been exhausted, unless your union contract specifies that all leave time must be exhausted.

You are considered disabled if you are unable to perform the material duties of your occupation and suffer a loss of at least 20 percent of your earnings when working in your occupation.

To qualify, your standard work hours need to be 30 or more per week in a regular, limited duration, or grant funded position.

Short-term disability insurance is provided by Standard Insurance Company.

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If you are a newly eligible employee, you will receive enrollment instructions from Human Resources Benefits.

Late entry penalty

A late entry penalty applies if you:

  • Do not enroll within 30 days of becoming eligible
  • Change to a lesser waiting period (i.e., 14-day to 7-day)
  • Change to a greater maximum benefits (option 1 to option 2 only)

If you did not purchase short-term disability within 30 days of eligibility, complete these steps

  1. Determine the coverage you need by using the using the premium calculator.
  2. Complete the enrollment and change form for short-term disability (PDF).
  3. Return the completed form to: Benefits Division, MC 040, A-400 Government Center.
  4. Benefits staff will enter your enrollment in APEX.

If you previously dropped short-term disability coverage, you must submit evidence of insurability (EOI). Your EOI must be approved before coverage becomes effective. The late entrant penalty does not apply in this case.


Short term disability premiums are paid by trading a portion of your sick leave/PTO hours each pay period. There are four short-term disability options. See theĀ premium calculator for options and cost.

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