To resign in good standing:

  • Employees exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must give at least 28 calendar days notice. 
  • Non-exempt employees must give a minimum of 14 calendar days notice.
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Retirement procedure

  • Submit any outstanding trade time for fitness program expenses prior to resignation.
  • Request department approval to "run out" of vacation/PTO. Sick leave cannot be "run out."
  • Meet with your supervisor to specify your last day work, any vacation/PTO you wish to take, and your termination date (last day on payroll). If retiring, your last day on payroll is used by PERA to determine your pension payment date and years of service.
  • Complete a resignation notice (DOC) and submit it to your supervisor.
  • If you are age 50 or over and have established your retirement date, complete the request for benefits continuation eligibility notification (DOC) form and return it to Benefits (mail code 040).

Benefit contacts for retirees

Continuation processing and premium payments

  • Health, dental and life insurance continuation questions: call 121 Benefits at 612-877-4321 or 1-800-300-1672
  • Health insurance incentive questions: call Hennepin County HealthWorks at 612-348-4628
  • PERA questions: 651-296-7460
  • 1% Supplemental Retirement Plan questions: call Minnesota State Retirement System at 651-296-2761

Deferred compensation

Dental insurance questions

Flexible spending account (FSA) questions

Health insurance questions

PERA phased retirement option

The Public Employees Retirement Association's Phased Retirement Option (PRO) allows employees to continue working and begin receiving a PERA pension. The PRO program will sunset 6/30/2019, the last day an employee may begin work under this option.

Eligibility and enrollment

Employees must be age 62, participate in the Basic or Coordinated PERA Fund and reduce hours by at least 25%.

A PRO agreement (send a copy to Benefits) and a pension application must be completed by the employee and submitted directly to PERA prior to working under PRO status.

Forms and the full list of eligibility requirements are available at PERA online.

An employee has two PRO options

  1. Reduce hours and continue working without a break in employment
  2. Resign and be rehired within six months

Review the comparison chart to see how certain benefits will be affected under each PRO option.

Benefit Enter Phased Retirement Option - Reduce Hours Enter Phased Retirement Option – Terminate
Early retiree health insurance plan (ERHIP) Eligibility to participate remains the employee’s original hire date. Eligibility to participate remains the employee's original hire date, not rehire date, under PRO.
Severance, the payment of accrued leave Paid at end of PRO at pay rate in effect at that time Paid at resignation at pay rate in effect at that time
Vacation or Paid Time Off (PTO) Balances remain, accrual rate continues Eligible balances paid at termination at pay rate in effect at that time. Rehire accrual subject to department approval.
Health care savings plan (HCSP) – Participation determines how severance is distributed. Distributed according to job class at end of PRO at pay rate in effect at that time
Distributed according to job class and pay at termination prior to returning under PRO
Short and Long Term Disability Lose eligibility for disability program Lose eligibility for disability program
1% Supplemental Retirement Eligibility to participate remains the employee's original hire date. Lose eligibility to participate

If interested, talk to your supervisor. Your supervisor and payroll contact will provide the most current requirements from Hennepin County.

Plan information

More information is available at PERA online

Retirement check list

3 to 6 months before you retire

2 to 3 months before you retire

If you are age 62 or over

If you are nearing age 65 or have continued to work past age 65 and don't have Parts A and B of Medicare

  • Apply for Part B of Medicare at Social Security 
  • Send your request for employment information form from Social Security to Hennepin County Benefits for completion (mail code 040)
  • Determine if the HealthPartners Freedom Plan Medicare supplement is right for you.

28 days before retirement

Retirement planning education

You have access to three types of retirement education.

Hennepin County pre-retirement planning seminars*

Topics include the resignation process, severance pay, insurance continuation coverage, retirement plans, Social Security, and financial and estate planning basics.

  • For individuals considering retirement in the next five years
  • Register through APEX
  • Held quarterly

2017 seminars

All seminars run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Thursday, March 2 - Ridgedale Library, Rohlf room
  • Thursday, June 1 - Central Library, Pohlad auditorium
  • Thursday, September 7 - Central Library, Pohlad auditorium
  • Thursday, December 7 - Central Library, Pohlad auditorium   

*You may attend pre-retirement planning seminars (sponsored by HR and scheduled in APEX) on county time with supervisory approval.

Seminar materials

You may print or save the following information. It will not be provided at the seminar.

Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) seminars

Topics include general financial planning, retirement income, Social Security and PERA benefit income, planning for health insurance, housing, use of time, and legal matters.

Group conferences with a PERA counselor

Topics focus on your individual PERA account and the retirement options best suited for you.

  • For individuals within five years of retirement
  • Contact PERA to set up an appointment
  • Meet PERA staff on specified dates at county locations

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