Long-term disability insurance

Long-term disability insurance is designed to pay a monthly benefit to you in the event you cannot work for longer than 90 days because of a covered illness or injury. This benefit replaces a portion of your income, helping you to meet your financial commitments in a time of need.

To qualify, your standard work hours need to be 30 or more per week in a regular, limited duration, or grant funded position.

Long-term disability insurance is provided by Standard Insurance Company.

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Enrollment in long term disability is automatic.

To opt out

Email hr.benefits@hennepin.us  - tell us that you want to opt out of long term disability. Your cancellation will be effective the pay period following receipt of your email.
NOTE - if you waive long term disability and become ill or injured and your paid leave time is exhausted, you will not have income replacement while you’re out of work.

To opt in if previously waived

Submit evidence of insurability. If approved, the Benefits Division will enter your choice in APEX.

File a claim

If you have short-term disability insurance, your claim will automatically roll to long-term disability insurance. You do not need to complete a long-term disability claim packet.

Reminder: Short-term disability is paid weekly; long-term disability is paid monthly. There may be a gap in payments if your long-term disability is approved.

Hennepin County employees can report long-term disability claims by telephone to The Standard. To report a new claim, simply call 1-800-378-2395.


Long term disability premiums are paid by trading a portion of your sick leave or PTO hours each pay period.  

Standard weekly hours 2017 hours deducted in APEX
40 0.496
39 0.484
38 0.471
37 0.459
36 0.446
35 0.434
34 0.422
33 0.409
32 0.397
31 0.384
30 0.372
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