Life insurance

Life insurance is designed to help protect employees and their loved ones from financial hardships related to an untimely death.

Benefit earning employees are automatically enrolled in a $25,000 term basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment policy through Standard Insurance Company (i.e., The Standard).

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Additional life insurance for employee


When you are newly hired, you may purchase a $100,000 term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment policy without evidence of insurability.

To purchase additional insurance after 30 days of employment, you will need to submit evidence of insurability to Standard Insurance Company for review. Hennepin County will be notified if application has been approved, and your deduction will be entered in APEX.

You may purchase additional life insurance up to $500,000. 


Your monthly premium is based on the coverage amount elected and employee’s age. Use the life premium calculator to determine your premium.

The additional life premium is deducted the first paycheck of each month. The additional life premium has a before-tax cost for coverage up to $25,000 and for the amount of coverage higher than $25,000, the remaining cost is after-tax.

Dependent life insurance


To enroll your dependent(s), you must have additional life insurance for yourself. Each eligible dependent is covered for the same amount. One premium is paid for all covered dependents. Dependent life insurance does not include accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Eligible dependents include

  • Spouse (can be same-sex spouse)
  • Domestic partner: complete a domestic partner certificate (PDF) and send a copy to the Benefits Division MC:040
  • Unmarried children to age 19 or 25 (if a full-time student)

It is your responsibility to cancel dependent life insurance when you no longer have an eligible dependent. You can do this by completing the decrease / cancel life insurance form.

To enroll a dependent

  1. Select an amount of $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000.
  2. Submit the evidence of insurability to The Standard (spouse only).
  3. Evidence of insurability will be reviewed by The Standard, and Hennepin County will be notified if application has been approved.
  4. The Benefits Division will enter your deduction in APEX.


There are three coverage levels to select. Use the calculator to determine your premium.

How to file a claim

To apply for an accelerated death benefit or file a claim due to dismemberment or death, contact Cathy Krepsky 612-348-4617 or Sarah Warren 612-348-2315.

Other life insurance options


PERA Life Insurance is additional life insurance through HealthSmart.

Eligibility and enrollment

  • Enrollment is open within 90 days of employment OR during the annual open enrollment.
  • Use the enrollment form (PDF).
  • Send a completed form to the Benefits Division, mail code 040.
  • Benefits staff will enter the deduction in APEX.

Provider contact information

Call HealthSmart Benefit Solutions at 1-800-525-8056 or visit HealthSmart Online.

Minnesota Benefit Association

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