Health insurance incentive

Employees, spouses and retirees with county health insurance have the option to reduce their office visit co-pays by $15 in 2016 by completing the two health incentive steps.  There is no reduction on prescription costs.

Important: Both the employee and covered spouse must complete all of the steps to earn reduced co-pays.

Step one: Earn two wellness credits by completing wellness activities sponsored by HealthWorks between November 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015. 

Step two: Complete the annual health assessment between October 1 and October 31, 2015.  

Click here to access the health assessment. 


Wondering if you have wellness credits or if you have earned the co-pay reduction?

Login to your PreferredOne account and click on Wellness Activity Documentation.  To see credits for your spouse select your spouse’s name from the drop down menu.     


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Exceptions from health insurance incentive

Exceptions will automatically be granted under the following circumstances

  • New employees who begin between August 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015
  • Employees and spouses who obtain coverage during open enrollment in 2015
  • Qualifying life events
    • Marital change: marriage, divorce, legal separation, or annulment
      Note: A new spouse being added to the health plan after September 1st would be eligible for reduced copays. However, new marriage does not exempt an existing, covered employee from the steps for copay reduction.
    • Death of spouse

Exceptions will be considered upon request for the following circumstances

  • Incorrect copay listed on PreferredOne insurance card
  • Chronic disability, medical condition, or emergency situation
  • Extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstance arising as a result of events beyond participant's control

To have your circumstances considered, complete the health insurance incentive exception request form (DOC) and submit it with documentation by:

  • Fax: 612-596-9984 (Attention: Health Insurance Exception Request)
  • Interoffice mail: HealthWorks, Mail Code 016 (Attention: Health Insurance Exception Request)
  • U.S. mail: Hennepin County Government Center, HealthWorks MC 016, 300 S. 6th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55487-0040 (Attention: Health Insurance Exception Request)
  • Email:

Request forms are reviewed every other week. HealthWorks will contact you if they require additional information or details or to send a notice of approval or denial. 

Circumstances not considered for exception

Many circumstances will not be considered for exception. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Leave of absence
  • Vacation out of the area
  • Residence out of the area
  • Continuee / retiree did not read home mailings
  • Employee did not share information with covered spouse
  • Employee did not read email notification(s), HC Connect or website
  • Technical difficulties after close of business on deadline day
  • Short term illness, such as flu the last week of October

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