Health coaching

Hennepin County employees, covered spouses and retirees can get one-on-one help from health experts. Learn to integrate the emotional, physical, and psychosocial aspects of health and create a plan to achieve your wellness goals.

Health coaching sessions are a 2014 health insurance incentive activity.

  • 3 sessions = 1 activity
  • 6 sessions = 2 activities

Begin before August 1 to complete coaching sessions before deadline.

How to meet your coach

Meet your coach in-person, via phone, or via desktop video. Employees with Microsoft Lync can use Lync video. Covered spouses and retirees can use Scopia desktop video technology.

Get more information on health coaches below.

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Cheryl Evans

Cheryl is a registered nurse and professional health coach. She currently helps clients from all levels of health identify and meet personal health goals.

Areas of experience and interest include stress reduction, healthy lifestyle, and chronic health conditions such as asthma, COPD, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.


For an appointment, email Cheryl or call 612-348-4543.


  • 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays


  • Brookdale Library
  • Government Center
  • Medina Public Works
  • NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center
  • Plymouth Library
  • Northwest Hub

More about Cheryl

Cheryl’s goal is to help guide people down the road to better health by educating and empowering them to make positive choices for the own health and wellness, and to be successful moving forward with those choices, in a way that keeps them from feeling overwhelmed.

What clients are saying:

"I think the coaching has impacted my workplace experience. Talking out some of my stress helps me to be less anxious, which, in turn, helps me to focus and be more productive in my job. Coaching can help me feel more positive, which I can more easily pass along in the form of encouragement to others in my work group, division or even department."

“The service Cheryl provides is invaluable. Because of the conversations we’ve had, I have been checking my blood pressure again. My doctor said it was way too high, and it was a good thing I was checking again because I was at risk for some big problems if it stayed out of control.”

"Health Works coaching sessions are delightfully non therapeutic! Cheryl used a low key, common sense approach to discussing my stress points, both personal and professional. She helped me understand how the two parts of my life are connected and what's happening in one impacts what goes on in the other. Cheryl never told me what to do. She asked sensible questions that led me to come up with problem solving solutions myself. What a relief to realize that I actually am in charge! In only three sessions I've lost some worry lines and my nights' sleep is sounder. The day job is going better, too. Thanks!"

“I’ve learned more about my asthma and what it really means to be in control rather than letting it control me. It really helped having someone to talk with about Asthma who knew how to talk with me, was there just for me, and had the "time to listen and answer my questions, even ‘stupid’ questions. This made the difference for me!”

“Thanks to our conversations and the information and resources you gave me, I have been more focused again on taking care of myself and doing the things I need to do to manage my diabetes. I’m checking my blood sugar, watching my diet, and scheduling & keeping medical appointments when I need them. I’d been on a medication and self-care ‘vacation’ for a while, but now I’m back on track.”

"I feel like the wellness coaching was well worth it. My coach and I had good discussions, and she asked some probing questions that made me think deeply about all kinds of health issues, some of which I hadn't thought much about before. I especially liked the holistic approach of tying physical, mental, and emotional/spiritual health together."

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